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  • William Ashe (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    William Ashe (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    SilkBalance has made a huge difference in water clarity and has a pleasant smell. Now the whole family can enjoy the hot tub. What a great product!

  • Tamara Chase (Farmington, Utah)

    Tamara Chase (Farmington, Utah)

    After years of failing to balance our spa chemicals resulting in frequent corroded and broken parts, we switched to SilkBalance. It is now simple to keep the spa chemicals balanced, and the spa always feels and smells great. Thank you SilkBalance for a great product and Bullfrog Spas for your recommendation.

  • John Murray (Marshalltown, Iowa)

    John Murray (Marshalltown, Iowa)

    We started using SilkBalance about three years ago and we love the way it makes the water and our skin feel. We promote it to our friends who have hot tubs.

  • Jim Thomas (Clinton, Utah)

    Jim Thomas (Clinton, Utah)

    Love our Bullfrog spa and SilkBalance. It’s so easy and makes having a hot tub a wonderful experience. Our skin feels soft and the water stays great for a long time.

  • The Simkowiaks (Plain City, Utah)

    The Simkowiaks (Plain City, Utah)

    We have been using SilkBalance for more than a year. We switched from another treatment process. We are completely thrilled with the ease of using the SilkBalance hot tub conditioner. The water is always crystal clear and inviting with no noticeable odor. We never have pH problems and everything else seems to stay right in balance.

  • Judy Schuster (Mercer Island, Wash.)

    Judy Schuster (Mercer Island, Wash.)

    We love SilkBalance. So easy to use and our skin feels great. Wonderful product!

  • Daphne Heinzman (Paden City, WV)

    Daphne Heinzman (Paden City, WV)

    Love the product. Keeps my spa crystal clear just like Caribbean water! Would never use another product. My girls say, “Thank you SilkBalance!”

  • Mark Aker (Edmonds, Wash.)

    Mark Aker (Edmonds, Wash.)

    We just bought a new hot tub and were introduced to SilkBalance from the dealer. We were skeptical as to whether it would work. We were pleasantly surprised with the clean, clear water and our skin is not as dry as without it! Thanks SilkBalance!

  • Eugene Spitzley (Westphalia, Mich.)

    Eugene Spitzley (Westphalia, Mich.)

    I like SilkBalance for a few reasons: it’s easier to use, it feels softer on my skin, and it doesn’t smell strong like our previous brand. My nieces are enjoying it too! Thank you!

  • Jessica Fiedor (Wixom, Mich.)

    Jessica Fiedor (Wixom, Mich.)

    We had problems with cloudy water in our new spa. After draining and refilling it twice, we decided to try SilkBalance. We have not had any cloudy water since! It is amazing. Our skin doesn’t feel dried out after using our tub, there is no chlorine smell, and we don’t have to add chemicals every […]

  • Tangela Boggiano (Muskegan, Mich.)

    Tangela Boggiano (Muskegan, Mich.)

    We are new owners of a spa and our water was cloudy on the 4th day. We added chemicals, tested it, and just couldn’t clear it up. We bought SilkBalance on day 5 of owning the spa and it has cleared up quickly and it looks amazing! Less chemical usage and silky, moisturized skin is […]

  • Angela Halverson (Spring Grove, Minn.)

    Angela Halverson (Spring Grove, Minn.)

    We love SilkBalance! It makes caring for our hot tub so easy – there is no “mad scientist” mixing or guessing. You just add it as scheduled and there are no worries! In the picture are my daughter, Ellie Mae and her friend Kennedy. Our hot tub was definitely an investment. I have rheumatoid arthritis […]

  • Paul Wallace (Commerce Township, Mich.)

    Paul Wallace (Commerce Township, Mich.)

    SilkBalance is a great product . It makes my spa water sparkling and fresh smelling. It is easy to use and my water lasts months longer than other products. I highly recommend SilkBalance to anyone who wants a carefree spa.

  • Glenn Kaplan (Ferrisburgh, Vt.)

    Glenn Kaplan (Ferrisburgh, Vt.)

    I have been using SilkBalance now for two months. We love it! Our skin feels great after a soak. The water is so stable, it makes it so easy. Try a bottle and feel for yourself.

  • Bobby Gamsby (Layton, Utah)

    Bobby Gamsby (Layton, Utah)

    SilkBalance products are the best! They are easy to use, easy to store, pleasant smell and are the most cost effective. However, what we like most is SilkBalance products don’t leave us feeling itchy like some other brands of spa chemicals. The Layton Bullfrog Dealership Rep, Franz recommended this product to us and we are […]

  • George Work (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.)

    George Work (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.)

    I switched to SilkBalance when we replaced our old spa. Using SilkBalance is much easier than the other brand I was using, plus the water smells better. My hot tub dealer recommended SilkBalance and I am glad she did.

  • Mark Bowdler (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

    Mark Bowdler (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

    We have been using SilkBalance for about two years and love it!

  • Trent Gunnarson (North Ogden, Utah)

    Trent Gunnarson (North Ogden, Utah)

    When preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan, I purchased a Bullfrog Spa from our neighborhood dealer to help the wife relax while I was away. The original chemicals were so complex that we felt like we were back in high school chemistry again. When our dealer changed to a treatment that was dead simple, we […]

  • Barry Knowles (Brunswick, Maine)

    Barry Knowles (Brunswick, Maine)

    We loved our spa for many years. Then my wife developed eczema so severe that we had to actually consider selling it. When we mentioned that to Pat, our sales rep at Mainely Tubs, he recommended SilkBalance. It has made an unbelievable difference. The eczema totally cleared up and we are back to enjoying our […]

  • Brian Sullivan (La Crosse, Wis.)

    Brian Sullivan (La Crosse, Wis.)

    SilkBalance is easy to use and works. It’s a one-stop shop for all of our spa needs. Our skin feels great after being in the hot tub when it’s in. We keep track of usage by writing dates right on the bottle itself. We are glad we came across this gem!

  • Amanda Davis (Vicksburg, Mich.)

    Amanda Davis (Vicksburg, Mich.)

    Every hot tub owner should try SilkBalance! My husband and I started off using floating bromine cartridges in our new hot tub and I couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to switch to SilkBalance. It’s simple to use, keeps water crystal clean and feels silky smooth.

  • Pat Guay (Renton, Wash.)

    Pat Guay (Renton, Wash.)

    SilkBalance has provided a carefree, luxurious and quality hot tubbing experience for our family. The cleanliness of the water and effect on us has been so much better than previous methods. The ease of use in maintaining the tub, using SilkBalance has been an additional stress reliever. Thanks for this wonderful product!

  • Lorna Cullen (Troy, Mo.)

    Lorna Cullen (Troy, Mo.)

    We hesitated buying a spa due to the maintenance. SilkBalance has made it so easy to maintain a beautiful fresh clean spa. Thank you so much SilkBalance!

  • Judy Steagall (Prineville, Ore.)

    Judy Steagall (Prineville, Ore.)

    We had difficulty getting our water balanced without being cloudy. We got it working right and attribute this to using SilkBalance. The water has stayed crystal clear and my skin itch has gone away. Yeah for SilkBalance!

  • Andy Stadtlander (West Des Moines, Iowa)

    Andy Stadtlander (West Des Moines, Iowa)

    We really enjoy how well our skin feels after using the SilkBalance product in our Hot Spring Tempo. We got our new hot tub (we are first time hot tub owners) In August 2014 and were really unsure of how to maintain the chemicals. The SilkBalance system is so easy, just pour it in once […]

  • Anna Worthen (Syracuse, Utah)

    Anna Worthen (Syracuse, Utah)

    I love SilkBalance! I won’t use anything else.I love how after I get out of my spa I can get straight into bed without taking a shower because I don’t feel icky, my skin feels and smells amazing.

  • Greg Kirkpatrick (Arp, Texas)

    Greg Kirkpatrick (Arp, Texas)

    I was having a reaction to the spa chemicals I was using, which was limiting my enjoyment of and (of course) my time in it. I began to think that I would never be able to be in it again. When I discovered SilkBalance at my dealer, I decided to give it a try. I […]

  • Lorene Kaukl (Puyallup, Wash.)

    Lorene Kaukl (Puyallup, Wash.)

    This is our first hot tub and man is it getting a workout. We just love it, rain or shine. I expected tons of chemicals and water balancing but it’s been exceptionally easy. Our rep said it’s because of SilkBalance. I expect she’s right.

  • James BARTOLINO (Meridian, Idaho)

    James BARTOLINO (Meridian, Idaho)

    My wife and I have problems with dermatitis and eczema which has caused to seriously curtail our time in the spa. We have tried changing chemicals and cutting back the temperature without much success. Corean recommended Silk Balance and after two weeks we have noticed a real difference and have been able to use the […]

  • Catherine Leahy (Bradford, Ontario, Canada)

    Catherine Leahy (Bradford, Ontario, Canada)

    SilkBalance has made having a busy life and taking care of my spa so easy. I never have to worry about testing water and balancing chemicals and can just enjoy my spa and relax after a busy day of running my business.

What do our ambassadors like about SilkBalance? They like their luxuriously simple spa experiences for many reasons: the way they feel while taking a dip in their spa, how the water stays balanced and crystal clear, the ease of use, and the elimination of excess chemicals and chemical smells. Meet some of our ambassadors and hear what they have to say about SilkBalance!

  • Guy Ayers-Berry

    Guy Ayers-Berry

    Easy to use, keeps the water crystal clear and smelling fresh.

  • Jim Rose (Montana)

    Jim Rose (Montana)

    Being a first time hot tub owner I was very concerned about the chemical maintenance that is required with a hot tub. I have always heard horror stories about how difficult it was to manage this aspect of ownership. It was quite a relief to learn about SilkBalance and the ease of application. It solved […]

  • Paul Wallace (Commerce Township, Mich.)

    Paul Wallace (Commerce Township, Mich.)

    SilkBalance is a great product . It makes my spa water sparkling and fresh smelling. It is easy to use and my water lasts months longer than other products. I highly recommend SilkBalance to anyone who wants a carefree spa.

  • Jim VanZee (Michigan)

    Jim VanZee (Michigan)

    AMAZING change in our water quality! My wife used to avoid the spa because it made her itch – not any more! I don’t know how it works, but it does. Our spa is more stable, requires fewer chemicals, and feels better than ever.

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    After replacing our older tub, our retailer recommended that we use SilkBalance! We are so glad that we did. The box of chemicals that our previous tub required was replaced with one bottle of SilkBalance! We love the way our skin feels after a soak in clean smelling and safe water. A perfect way to […]

  • Doug Schmidt

    Doug Schmidt

    SilkBalance has really helped keep the water clean and clear and keeps the pipes clean. It also helps with the drying of the skin!! My wife and I love it!

  • Nicolo Riccobono

    Nicolo Riccobono

    I purchased SilkBalance and it has performed like a Champ. Easy to keep Spa Clean Smooth soft water🙂 Now that I have tried SilkBalance I could never go back to other brand. I highly recommend this product. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Regards Nicolo Riccobono Novi, Mi

  • Valerie Foy

    Valerie Foy

    I love SilkBalance. The water stays clear and feels soft. I am using less chemicals and there is hardly any chemical smell.

  • Glenn Kaplan (Ferrisburgh, Vt.)

    Glenn Kaplan (Ferrisburgh, Vt.)

    I have been using SilkBalance now for two months. We love it! Our skin feels great after a soak. The water is so stable, it makes it so easy. Try a bottle and feel for yourself.

  • Ken Simmons (Creedmoor, N.C.)

    Ken Simmons (Creedmoor, N.C.)

    We’ve had our hot tub for about two years now. The first year we were using other chemicals. The water was always cloudy, our skin was dry and felt like there was a film on it once we used the hot tub. We hated using the hot tub! Once we tried SilkBalance, we were in […]

  • Kurt Kenney (Brandon, Vt.)

    Kurt Kenney (Brandon, Vt.)

    We replaced our hot tub a year ago and started using SilkBalance. Our water has been crystal clear ever since to the point that I forget to even change the water. It is very easy to use, no odor, the water has almost a pure clean quality. The bottle design with the dispensing cap is […]

  • Schweissinger


    My husband and I love the feeling of sitting in the hot tub with SilkBalance! We’ve often said that we can’t quite explain the feeling, but the best we can do is say that the water just feels soft and luxurious. Water in hot tubs can sometimes feel very itchy and scratchy, but with the […]

  • Tyson Hall (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Tyson Hall (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Love how easy my SilkBalance is to use. No harsh chemical smells and get my hot tub smooth and clean.

  • Lawrence Zeidman (Seattle)

    Lawrence Zeidman (Seattle)

    SilkBalance is amazingly easy to use and feel very secure that our hot tub is always ready to enjoy. Also, cool shape of the bottle.

  • Paul Dreher (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Paul Dreher (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    We are extremely happy with SilkBalance. The way our skin feels when we are out of the hot tub compared to our other friends hot tubs is noticeable different. Our skin does not feel dry or itchy. We also don’t have that strong chlorine smell as well. Our water looks clear and inviting at all […]

  • Robert Simons (Clio, Mich.)

    Robert Simons (Clio, Mich.)

    We switched over to SilkBalance for our hot tub 3 months ago and could not be happier. We no longer have to smell that “chemical aroma,” our water now has a “clean” and “light” scent. And even better … no more skin irritation … the water actually feels “silky” and does not leave a film […]

  • Anthony Schultz (St. Charles, Mo.)

    Anthony Schultz (St. Charles, Mo.)

    Our family has sensitive skin and prior to SilkBalance we routinely has skin issues. We’ve noticed a big difference since we began using SilkBalance and are able to enjoy our spa more frequently. Sincerely, Anthony Schultz

  • Sanquist


    Hi, if it were not for SilkBalance in our hot tub, I most likely would not use the hot tub as often as I do. My favorite time to use the tub is right before bed. Without the use of SilkBalance my skin has been too dry and I had to lather a lot of […]