New Year, New Ways to Enjoy Hot Tubbing

Published : January 8, 2020

With 2020 upon us, what is your vision for hot tubbing this year? Do you want to get a new hot tub with all the bells and whistles? Or perhaps you just want to use the one you have more often.

You could go all out on accessorizing your spa. That new, giant flatscreen television you got as a gift would look great next to your spa, if you could figure out where to mount it. A surround deck sure would add to the backyard ambiance whether you wanted to build it out of wood, brick or stone. And certainly, an elaborate gazebo would go a very long way toward creating a more personal oasis.


But if a major overhaul isn’t in your hot tubbing budget, then why not try to find a few simple ways to enjoy the spa water you already have instead of finding excuses to ignore the third largest investment you’ve ever made? You complete home improvements and treat your car with TLC, so why not that health, wellness and overall fun vessel of water you have in your backyard?

If you are a spa owner, one of your resolutions for the new year should be to take a dip in your hot tub more often in 2020. Hot tubbing is health and wellness, that’s why you got the spa in the first place, right? So while you struggle with your new diet and exercise resolutions, don’t struggle with your hot tub.


Give Your Hot Tub a Clean Start

In just a matter of minutes, your spa can be operating as efficiently as it was the day you got it, with a quick purge of the plumbing lines with a product like Clean Start. What you don’t see can harm your water, making water care more problematic. Organic buildup in the plumbing lines decreases the efficiency of your sanitizer decreases the jet flow – both reasons you probably use you hot tub less.

Toss n Go After You Spa

The quickest way to ensure BAD spa water, is to use your spa and then leave it untreated. When you bathe, you obviously introduce unwanted contaminants into your water, so when you step out of your spa simply toss in a non-chlorine Shock Gem to oxidize all of that and help ensure when you take the cover off next time, your water won’t smell and will be clear enough to enter once again.




Set Your Spa Water and Forget It

SilkBalance Gems with gem and boxIf you do things right the first time, they tend to work better and longer and need less repairs … the same holds true for your spa water. If you set your spa water levels to the acceptable ranges upon startup, then a weekly addition of the SilkBalance liquid formula or the new SilkBalance Gems will help you keep things like pH and alkalinity right where they belong. The result is clear water that is odor free, soft, silky and enjoyable.

Happy hot tubbing, 2020 style!

By Eric Vician
Director of Promotions & Key Accounts

Eric Vician of SilkBalance Hot Tub Water Care



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