Reduce Your Risk of Sports-Related Injuries

Published : August 12, 2019

Preventing injuries is just as important as the recovery process. You should be using your hot tub to warm up before any form of exercise, not just after – for recovery purposes. Muscle and joint pain is a common issue with anyone engaging in exercise or sports. Whether you are planting a new garden, going for a hike, running a marathon or playing a fun game of soccer in the backyard with your kids, all these activities can result in soreness if your body is not properly prepared.

With a hot tub, the guesswork is eliminated out of your warm-up stretching routine. It is the perfect opportunity to mentally and physically prepare for exercise by soaking for up to 15 minutes prior to getting started. In fact, professional athletes often take a soak in a hot tub before competing.

But here is a really important tip that that will make you want to get into your hot tub before your workout – use SilkBalance Gems to maintain your spa water. Your hot tub will always be fresh and sparkling and feel amazing.

So before and after your workout, get in and enjoy the hot water therapy knowing that you will never have dry skin or smell of chemical odors with Natural SilkBalance Water Care.

Soak. Relax. Play. Repeat.

Susan Dolnik

Susan Dolnik
Director of Sales and Marketing

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