• SilkBalance

    Richard L Ryan (Grand Island, Neb.)

    Richard L Ryan (Grand Island, Neb.)

    Much easier to use than other products! Gold in a bottle!

  • Louis Freeman (Happy Valley, Ore.)

    Louis Freeman (Happy Valley, Ore.)

    I have been using SilkBalance for all 6 years that I have owned my hot tub. I wouldn’t use anything else!

  • Sam Corradini (Portage, Mich.)

    Sam Corradini (Portage, Mich.)

    We love SilkBalance. It makes my skin feel so soft and not dried out. It doesn’t discolor our suits either. I would highly recommend SilkBalance to everyone.

  • Kathy Braton (Barnesville, Minn.)

    Kathy Braton (Barnesville, Minn.)

    LOVE our SilkBalance tub! Chemicals were so harsh before we switched and we just couldn’t be happier!

  • Chris Moss loves SilkBalance

    Christopher Moss (Eau Claire, Wisc.)

    Christopher Moss (Eau Claire, Wisc.)

    We recently switched over from a bromine system to SilkBalance. Why didn’t I switch sooner? We love it!! My wife and I can soak two times a day if we want, and our skin doesn’t dry out or even hurt. The water is clearer, we enjoy it longer, and my wife’s eczema doesn’t flare up […]

    Chris Moss loves SilkBalance
  • Holly Fochler (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Holly Fochler (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Before SilkBalance, the hot tub dried my skin out. Now that we use SilkBalance, it feels like I’m getting out of the bath tub. No skin irritation and the water is soft and I get to use less chemicals because of it. I will reccomend it to all my friends.

  • James DeBoard loves SilkBalance in St. Louis

    James DeBoard (St. Louis)

    James DeBoard (St. Louis)

    I had stopped using my spa because the bromine scent caused me to cough with every use. Immediately after starting SilkBalance, the scent was gone and I’m enjoying my spa again.

    James DeBoard loves SilkBalance in St. Louis
  • Barb Humphreys (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Barb Humphreys (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    We have always developed rashes with other water chemical systems, but since using SilkBalance, we can finally enjoy rash-free hottub time . . . this product has given us a chance to enjoy once again!

  • Justin Phelps (Englewood, Colo.)

    Justin Phelps (Englewood, Colo.)

    SilkBalance is wonderful. It makes our skin really soft. One week my husband forgot and I could tell immediate when I got out. It really makes a difference.

  • Don Michmerhuizen (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

    Don Michmerhuizen (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

    Never been more pleased with the product ! Hot tub has never been better. I would recommend every one at least try it. You will be amazed at how clean and refreshing your tub will be!!

  • Happy SilkBalance customer Kevin Nagy

    Kevin Nagy (Marysville, Wash.)

    Kevin Nagy (Marysville, Wash.)

    SilkBalance keeps your skin smooth and silky. No more dry skin due to hot water. Great product. Easy to use. Thx SilkBalance!

    Happy SilkBalance customer Kevin Nagy
  • Sandra Daisley (Brookville, Penn.)

    Sandra Daisley (Brookville, Penn.)

    Bought this after researching and absolutely love it. It’s been 2 months since using and my water is like I just filled it up. AMAZING!!

  • Jon Christianson (Washougal, Wash.)

    Jon Christianson (Washougal, Wash.)

    Works great and very easy to use. Started using day one with our new Jacuzzi spa.

  • Jeff Marler (Kuna, Idaho)

    Jeff Marler (Kuna, Idaho)

    We finally found a product that does not affect my skin negatively. We love this product and how it makes the water feel and the clarity. Thank you SilkBalance!

  • Mike Booker (Jacksonville, Florida)

    Mike Booker (Jacksonville, Florida)

    My first soak and I LOVE it! Soft and silky beats the harsh chlorine & stinky/ cloudy bromine all day, every day! Thank you SilkBalance!

  • Eric Simpson (Cedar Park, Texas)

    Eric Simpson (Cedar Park, Texas)

    I’ve had a spa in the past, and the chemicals were always a challenge to get right. SilkBalance is so simple to maintain it’s not even a chore. Plus, the water feels great–it’s clean, fresh, and not like typical pool or hot tub water. We’ve always found a hot tub relaxing, but with SilkBalance, it’s […]

  • Martin MacDonald (Mayfield, Ohio)

    Martin MacDonald (Mayfield, Ohio)

    I just replaced my old tub with a Hot Spring tub with the Ace salt system. Ohio Pools & Spas Highly recommended SilkBalance for my tub. The water feels so fresh and smooth with no odor. The tub water stays balanced – which makes life a lot easier. Great product!!!

  • SilkBalance hot tub chemical alternative customer

    Doug Case (Longview, Texas)

    Doug Case (Longview, Texas)

    Honestly it is worth the cost. It keeps my skin super soft, hot tub feeling great, and keeps it balanced. I have never felt water like this when I added SilkBalance to my hot tub. It is an amazing product and I will use it over the lifetime of my spa. Keep up with the […]

    SilkBalance hot tub chemical alternative customer
  • Taylor Mohr (Adrian, Mich.)

    Taylor Mohr (Adrian, Mich.)

    We love SilkBalance because it helps keep our spa going great with little effort! Highly recommend to anyone with a spa!

  • Sandra Rosenkrance (Clearfield, Utah)

    Sandra Rosenkrance (Clearfield, Utah)

    My husband and I like the simplicity of SilkBalance.

  • Richard Smiles (Vermont)

    Richard Smiles (Vermont)

    It’s easy!

  • Daniel G Ditzhazy (Calif.)

    Daniel G Ditzhazy (Calif.)

    My neighbor used this all summer and it made a definite difference. I like how it made the water feel really velvety.

  • SilkBalance

    Jim Honl (Fargo, ND)

    Jim Honl (Fargo, ND)

    SilkBalance is a great product that I trust to keep my hot tub water soft and it helps to keep the pH levels in the right range. I make sure to get my chemicals in line each week and know that SilkBalance will be added every week for that soft water feeling and peace of […]

  • SilkBalance Water Heart

    Lois Bourinskie (Oregon)

    Lois Bourinskie (Oregon)

    I love the convenience of using SilkBalance. The water stays crystal clear without using lots of smelly chemicals. My skin feels great after using the hot tub and the water does not irritate the delicate skin of my grandchildren, who have skin conditions. My dog, Chloe, agrees and is a happy customer!

    SilkBalance Water Heart
  • SIlkBalance

    Drew Halvorson (Omaha, Neb.)

    Drew Halvorson (Omaha, Neb.)

    I managed a pool and did pool and spa maintenance for 9 years and SilkBalance is better than anything I’ve ever used, no chemical smells!

  • Jennifer Cunningham (Logan, Utah)

    Jennifer Cunningham (Logan, Utah)

    Lovin’ our SilkBalance, love how easy it is to use. And keeps our hot tub crystal clear

  • Winterize Spa

    Guy Ayers-Berry

    Guy Ayers-Berry

    Easy to use, keeps the water crystal clear and smelling fresh.

    Winterize Spa
  • Winterize Hot Tub

    Jim Rose (Montana)

    Jim Rose (Montana)

    Being a first time hot tub owner I was very concerned about the chemical maintenance that is required with a hot tub. I have always heard horror stories about how difficult it was to manage this aspect of ownership. It was quite a relief to learn about SilkBalance and the ease of application. It solved […]

    Winterize Hot Tub
  • Paul Wallace (Commerce Township, Mich.)

    Paul Wallace (Commerce Township, Mich.)

    SilkBalance is a great product . It makes my spa water sparkling and fresh smelling. It is easy to use and my water lasts months longer than other products. I highly recommend SilkBalance to anyone who wants a carefree spa.

  • Jim VanZee (Michigan)

    Jim VanZee (Michigan)

    AMAZING change in our water quality! My wife used to avoid the spa because it made her itch – not any more! I don’t know how it works, but it does. Our spa is more stable, requires fewer chemicals, and feels better than ever.

  • John Brennan

    John Brennan

    After replacing our older tub, our retailer recommended that we use SilkBalance! We are so glad that we did. The box of chemicals that our previous tub required was replaced with one bottle of SilkBalance! We love the way our skin feels after a soak in clean smelling and safe water. A perfect way to […]

  • SilkBalance

    Doug Schmidt

    Doug Schmidt

    SilkBalance has really helped keep the water clean and clear and keeps the pipes clean. It also helps with the drying of the skin!! My wife and I love it!

  • Nicolo Riccobono

    Nicolo Riccobono

    I purchased SilkBalance and it has performed like a Champ. Easy to keep Spa Clean Smooth soft water🙂 Now that I have tried SilkBalance I could never go back to other brand. I highly recommend this product. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Regards Nicolo Riccobono Novi, Mi

  • Valerie Foy

    Valerie Foy

    I love SilkBalance. The water stays clear and feels soft. I am using less chemicals and there is hardly any chemical smell.

  • Glenn Kaplan (Ferrisburgh, Vt.)

    Glenn Kaplan (Ferrisburgh, Vt.)

    I have been using SilkBalance now for two months. We love it! Our skin feels great after a soak. The water is so stable, it makes it so easy. Try a bottle and feel for yourself.

  • Ken Simmons (Creedmoor, N.C.)

    Ken Simmons (Creedmoor, N.C.)

    We’ve had our hot tub for about two years now. The first year we were using other chemicals. The water was always cloudy, our skin was dry and felt like there was a film on it once we used the hot tub. We hated using the hot tub! Once we tried SilkBalance, we were in […]

  • Paul Dreher (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Paul Dreher (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    We are extremely happy with SilkBalance. The way our skin feels when we are out of the hot tub compared to our other friends hot tubs is noticeable different. Our skin does not feel dry or itchy. We also don’t have that strong chlorine smell as well. Our water looks clear and inviting at all […]

  • Robert Simons (Clio, Mich.)

    Robert Simons (Clio, Mich.)

    We switched over to SilkBalance for our hot tub 3 months ago and could not be happier. We no longer have to smell that “chemical aroma,” our water now has a “clean” and “light” scent. And even better … no more skin irritation … the water actually feels “silky” and does not leave a film […]

  • Andy Stadtlander (West Des Moines, Iowa)

    Andy Stadtlander (West Des Moines, Iowa)

    We really enjoy how well our skin feels after using the SilkBalance product in our Hot Spring Tempo. We got our new hot tub (we are first time hot tub owners) In August 2014 and were really unsure of how to maintain the chemicals. The SilkBalance system is so easy, just pour it in once […]

  • SilkBalance

    Anthony Schultz (St. Charles, Mo.)

    Anthony Schultz (St. Charles, Mo.)

    Our family has sensitive skin and prior to SilkBalance we routinely has skin issues. We’ve noticed a big difference since we began using SilkBalance and are able to enjoy our spa more frequently. Sincerely, Anthony Schultz

  • I love SilkBalance in my spa

    MJ Sanquist (Sammamish, Wash.)

    MJ Sanquist (Sammamish, Wash.)

    Hi, if it were not for SilkBalance in our hot tub, I most likely would not use the hot tub as often as I do. My favorite time to use the tub is right before bed. Without the use of SilkBalance my skin has been too dry and I had to lather a lot of […]

    I love SilkBalance in my spa
  • Kurt Kenney (Brandon, Vt.)

    Kurt Kenney (Brandon, Vt.)

    We replaced our hot tub a year ago and started using SilkBalance. Our water has been crystal clear ever since to the point that I forget to even change the water. It is very easy to use, no odor, the water has almost a pure clean quality. The bottle design with the dispensing cap is […]

  • Schweissinger


    My husband and I love the feeling of sitting in the hot tub with SilkBalance! We’ve often said that we can’t quite explain the feeling, but the best we can do is say that the water just feels soft and luxurious. Water in hot tubs can sometimes feel very itchy and scratchy, but with the […]

  • SilkBalance

    Tyson Hall (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Tyson Hall (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Love how easy my SilkBalance is to use. No harsh chemical smells and get my hot tub smooth and clean.

  • Lawrence Zeidman (Seattle)

    Lawrence Zeidman (Seattle)

    SilkBalance is amazingly easy to use and feel very secure that our hot tub is always ready to enjoy. Also, cool shape of the bottle.

  • Ellen Reason (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Ellen Reason (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    I love the ease of use and convenience of SilkBalance. The product is effective; results are outstanding.

  • Rob DeLanoy (Alto, Mich.)

    Rob DeLanoy (Alto, Mich.)

    SilkBalance is the only way to treat your spa water. My wife has sensitive skin and SilkBalance is the only water program that keeps the skin in balance and feeling great!

  • SilkBalance

    Richard Dunn (Hyrum, Utah)

    Richard Dunn (Hyrum, Utah)

    Works great.

  • Tammy Scott (Macomb, Mich.)

    Tammy Scott (Macomb, Mich.)

    I Love SilkBalance. It’s so gentle on my skin, smells great and so easy to balance. It’s made owning a spa so easy to maintain. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s worth every penny.

  • SilkBalance

    Chris DAWSON (Fairview, Pa.)

    Chris DAWSON (Fairview, Pa.)

    I have used SilkBalance right from the start and it keeps my skin smooth.

  • Tennille Mohr (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Tennille Mohr (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    We all love this product, it’s been so nice on the skin. Glad we switched!!

  • Bouchard


    This stuff is great. Easy to use and skin feels wonderful.

  • McHale


    Thanks to SILK BALANCE I am able to enjoy our hot tub again. My husband, Brian, & I used our hot tub nightly until we started developing a rash that was ugly & very irritating. We were told by our spa supply person that we were not sanitizing properly. Trust me when I tell you […]

  • Alvey


    Love silkbalance! Keeps our water crystal clear and makes having a hot tub easy peasy! 🙂 Thanks Silkbalance! We will recommend you to everyone.

  • Anna Worthen (Syracuse, Utah)

    Anna Worthen (Syracuse, Utah)

    I love SilkBalance! I won’t use anything else.I love how after I get out of my spa I can get straight into bed without taking a shower because I don’t feel icky, my skin feels and smells amazing.

  • Lana Dyer (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Lana Dyer (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Best for pH balance I’ve ever used!

  • Carrie Barton (Cedar Springs, Mich.)

    Carrie Barton (Cedar Springs, Mich.)

    SilkBalance is so easy to use and I love the way it makes my skin feel!

  • Stephen Hill (Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada)

    Stephen Hill (Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada)

    This is a fabulous product. We have had hot tubs since 1999. SilkBalance helps keep the water crystal clear, fresh and makes your skin feel awesome. It is so much easier to maintain the water chemicals thanks to this product. When you are hot tubing, easy and relaxing is what it is all about. Thank […]

  • Chris Nickel (Fort Collins, Colo.)

    Chris Nickel (Fort Collins, Colo.)

    This product is as good as it gets. Yeah, it might be a bit more expensive up front, but after taking care of hot tubs for many years using the old method, I’m never going back.

  • Mark Bowdler (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

    Mark Bowdler (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

    We have been using SilkBalance for about two years and love it!

  • Greg Kirkpatrick (Arp, Texas)

    Greg Kirkpatrick (Arp, Texas)

    I was having a reaction to the spa chemicals I was using, which was limiting my enjoyment of and (of course) my time in it. I began to think that I would never be able to be in it again. When I discovered SilkBalance at my dealer, I decided to give it a try. I […]

  • William Ashe (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    William Ashe (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    SilkBalance has made a huge difference in water clarity and has a pleasant smell. Now the whole family can enjoy the hot tub. What a great product!

  • Sharon BLAIS (Nampa, Idaho)

    Sharon BLAIS (Nampa, Idaho)

    I love using SilkBalance in my hot tub. It makes spa care so easy.

  • Daphne Heinzman (Paden City, WV)

    Daphne Heinzman (Paden City, WV)

    Love the product. Keeps my spa crystal clear just like Caribbean water! Would never use another product. My girls say, “Thank you SilkBalance!”

  • Lorene Kaukl (Puyallup, Wash.)

    Lorene Kaukl (Puyallup, Wash.)

    This is our first hot tub and man is it getting a workout. We just love it, rain or shine. I expected tons of chemicals and water balancing but it’s been exceptionally easy. Our rep said it’s because of SilkBalance. I expect she’s right.

  • Earl Fowlie (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Earl Fowlie (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Seriously! What took us so long! We have owned a spa for more than 15 years. This is the easiest product we have ever used! Thank you for making our spa experience and usage so much more pleasurable.

  • Brett Wickstrom (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Brett Wickstrom (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    SilkBalance keeps our water so clean and soft. We tried it out and will never go back to our old hot tub chemical system! I’m always amazed at how soft my skin feels after we get out! Thank you SilkBalance!

  • Ron HIGGINBOTHAM (Meridian, Idaho)

    Ron HIGGINBOTHAM (Meridian, Idaho)

    The SilkBalance has been phenomenal! The water is crystal clear, there is no residual smell, and it truly makes your skin feel softer.

  • Cameron Zaremba (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Cameron Zaremba (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Ease of use, combined with consistent results … what more can you ask for? A very nice system for keeping our spa water bright and clean.

  • Marty Kaylor (Spokane, Wash.)

    Marty Kaylor (Spokane, Wash.)

    We just started using SilkBalance recently in our hot tub. We have had our hot tub for five years. Since we started using SilkBalance, our hot tub water has never been so clear and such a joy to be in! It is very easy to use and we could not be happier.

  • Evan Ferber (Olympia, Wash.)

    Evan Ferber (Olympia, Wash.)

    As you can observe from my photo, I’m very happy with your product. It does perform as the brochure claims. The water always feels soft, sweet-smelling and it’s consistently chemically balanced. I have used your product consistently ever since I had my hot tub installed. I plan to continue to use it for as long […]

  • Trent Heuertz (Elk Point, S.D.)

    Trent Heuertz (Elk Point, S.D.)

    We love SilkBalance! It is very easy to use and does not have a chlorine odor like standard chemicals. There is no hassle with balancing out your chlorine levels, just pour in a set amount every week and you are set. It does cost more than other chemicals but the ease of use far makes […]

  • Nancy HAGA (Boise, Idaho)

    Nancy HAGA (Boise, Idaho)

    I LOVE SilkBalance!!!! It has made all the difference in the world. Before I used it, although my test strip was normal, the water in my spa was continuously discolored, foamed & had a horrible plastic odor when the jets were on. The amount of chemicals required were excessive. No matter what I did, the […]

  • Mike and Emily KEIM (Boise, Idaho)

    Mike and Emily KEIM (Boise, Idaho)

    Mike says: “I like SilkBalance because it makes my maintenance easier, with fewer steps. This gives me more time to enjoy my hot tub. My wife likes the softness of the water after using SilkBalance. Overall, it is a great product!

  • Sherri Herbruck (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

    Sherri Herbruck (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

    I’m excited to try SilkBalance for its ease of use.

  • James BARTOLINO (Meridian, Idaho)

    James BARTOLINO (Meridian, Idaho)

    My wife and I have problems with dermatitis and eczema which has caused to seriously curtail our time in the spa. We have tried changing chemicals and cutting back the temperature without much success. Corean recommended Silk Balance and after two weeks we have noticed a real difference and have been able to use the […]

  • Si STEINBERG (Boise, Idaho)

    Si STEINBERG (Boise, Idaho)

    Thanks Spa Team. I really like using SilkBalance as it is super easy to measure out and put into my spa. My overall need for adjustments over these four months have been minimal.

  • Catherine Leahy (Bradford, Ontario, Canada)

    Catherine Leahy (Bradford, Ontario, Canada)

    SilkBalance has made having a busy life and taking care of my spa so easy. I never have to worry about testing water and balancing chemicals and can just enjoy my spa and relax after a busy day of running my business.

  • Christopher Deming (Rockford, Mich.)

    Christopher Deming (Rockford, Mich.)

    Just refreshed my hot tub with your silky smooth product. It really does feel much better than all the traditional chemicals. Thanks for a better product.

  • Ken MacKay (Saco, Maine)

    Ken MacKay (Saco, Maine)

    Excellent spa water softener creating an enjoyable experience. Aroma is very comforting. Reduces need for other chemicals.

  • Barry Knowles (Brunswick, Maine)

    Barry Knowles (Brunswick, Maine)

    We loved our spa for many years. Then my wife developed eczema so severe that we had to actually consider selling it. When we mentioned that to Pat, our sales rep at Mainely Tubs, he recommended SilkBalance. It has made an unbelievable difference. The eczema totally cleared up and we are back to enjoying our […]

  • Brenda Dejong (Allendale, Mich.)

    Brenda Dejong (Allendale, Mich.)

    I love this stuff. I couldn’t do it without it!

  • Joe Wight (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

    Joe Wight (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

    I have regularly used SilkBalance weekly for the past five years. I love how it keeps the pH consistent making maintenance easy. More importantly, the water is so gentle that my family can use the tub several times a week without any skin irritation. Thank you SilkBalance!

  • Nitasha Fors (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Nitasha Fors (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    I am a first-time hot tub owner, but this isn’t my first time soaking in one and I can truly say the difference in my skin is amazing! I normally have fairly dry sensitive skin so when I get out of the tub I feel even more dry but with SilkBalance, my skin feels better […]

  • Don Jackson (Bullard, Texas)

    Don Jackson (Bullard, Texas)

    We love our new spa. We were introduced to the SilkBalance when the dealer installed our spa. It’s amazing. We never knew there was a product out there that would basically lock in the pH balance of our spa for us and at the same time make the water feel very smooth on your skin. […]

  • SilkBalance

    Angela Moore (Carthage, Texas)

    Angela Moore (Carthage, Texas)

    We love our SilkBalance! Our hot tub stays clean and smells great!

  • Robert Buchanan (Ada, Mich.)

    Robert Buchanan (Ada, Mich.)

    Wow! Great stuff. It eliminates the hassle for maintaining a crystal clear spa. No more Walter White chemistry lab work to produce sky-blue water.

  • Stephanje Hebert (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Stephanje Hebert (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    This product makes our hot tub easy to maintain and my skin feels great.

  • Mark Aker (Edmonds, Wash.)

    Mark Aker (Edmonds, Wash.)

    We just bought a new hot tub and were introduced to SilkBalance from the dealer. We were skeptical as to whether it would work. We were pleasantly surprised with the clean, clear water and our skin is not as dry as without it! Thanks SilkBalance!

  • Mary Weaver (Longview, Texas)

    Mary Weaver (Longview, Texas)

    We bought our Hot Springs tub from East Texas Spa in May 2010. My husband and I have spent hundreds of hours enjoying our hot tub with not one single problem. It runs 356 days out of the year. We get in if it’s cold outside or after working in the yard in the summer. […]

  • Timothy Barnard (Emmett, Idaho)

    Timothy Barnard (Emmett, Idaho)

    Having skin that is sensitive to harsh chemicals, I asked a ton of questions before buying a hot tub. SilkBalance was the first thing out of JJ of Snake River Spas’ mouth. His decades of experience didn’t falter. Our family’s skin feels even better coming out of the “SilkBalanced” water than before going in. No […]

  • Kevin and Beverly COBB (Star, Idaho)

    Kevin and Beverly COBB (Star, Idaho)

    If you purchase a spa from Snake River Pool and Spa, make sure you get some SilkBalance! We use it weekly and it helps keep the water in our spa in perfect shape from week to week. It also keeps the water feeling great. The lid for the bottle serves as a measuring cap making […]

  • Glen Hayward (Delton, Mich.)

    Glen Hayward (Delton, Mich.)

    Great product!

  • Sam and Deb Weir (Vestal, NY)

    Sam and Deb Weir (Vestal, NY)

    Prior to using SilkBalance, we had odor issues with spa water, difficulty controlling the pH and other water chemistry – cloudy water.Upon our very first use of SilkBalance, the water was clean, no heavy spa chlorine typical odor and our skin was much less dry and felt quite soft. Worth every penny in our opinions!

  • Peter Mezey (Seattle, Wash.)

    Peter Mezey (Seattle, Wash.)

    I love using SilkBalance to care for the water in my hot tub. It makes the water so clear and is incredibly soothing. I highly recommend it!

  • Don Leeding (Doniphan, Neb.)

    Don Leeding (Doniphan, Neb.)

    SilkBalance is the best conditioner we have ever used in our spa. We couldn’t believe the difference! We would recommend to anyone.

  • Darren Connett (Pekin, Ill.)

    Darren Connett (Pekin, Ill.)

    We just recently switched to SilkBalance for our spa. We couldn’t be more pleased with how easy the system is and how the water feels. We are very happy that we switched. Thank you.

  • Children Hot Tub SilkBalance

    Tamara Chase (Farmington, Utah)

    Tamara Chase (Farmington, Utah)

    After years of failing to balance our spa chemicals resulting in frequent corroded and broken parts, we switched to SilkBalance. It is now simple to keep the spa chemicals balanced, and the spa always feels and smells great. Thank you SilkBalance for a great product and Bullfrog Spas for your recommendation.

    Children Hot Tub SilkBalance
  • Marvion Goetsch (Kodiak, Alaska)

    Marvion Goetsch (Kodiak, Alaska)

    We love SilkBalance. It is easy to use and feels soft on the skin. It gives us an aromatic experience like no other product can.

  • Carl Turner (Marshall, Texas)

    Carl Turner (Marshall, Texas)

    I have used SilkBalance for a number of years. It is easy to use and has kept my hot tub in perfect balance. I would highly recommended SilkBalance to anyone with a hot tub.

  • Brad Wegman (Chesterfield, Mo.)

    Brad Wegman (Chesterfield, Mo.)

    Taking care of our Hot Spring spa is very easy with SilkBalance and the water feels great! We couldn’t be happier with SilkBalance and we are glad that Baker Pool and Spa recommended it. Thanks, Brad Chesterfield, Missouri

  • Michael Malekoff (Warren, Vt.)

    Michael Malekoff (Warren, Vt.)

    SilkBalance has been a great addition to my spa. By adding SilkBalance, instead of the water being harsh on the skin, has helped soften my skin. In the water you can feel the difference of the water texture on your skin. I add SilkBalance regularly to my spa.

  • Carmen Brochu Goecke (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)

    Carmen Brochu Goecke (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)

    We have owned a spa for more than 20 years and no system is easier to use and softer on the skin than SilkBalance.

  • Larry Merrell (Lincoln, Calif.)

    Larry Merrell (Lincoln, Calif.)

    I made the switch to SilkBalance because of a recommendation from my spa dealer. I have been able to maintain the big swing of unbalanced pH to a minimum and the water feels smoother and silkier. I spend less time maintaining my spa and more time enjoying my spa now after using SilkBalance.

  • Scott Schumacher (Lees Summit, Mo.)

    Scott Schumacher (Lees Summit, Mo.)

    When I bought my latest hot tub from Swim Things, they gave me a bottle of SilkBalance to try out. I have had a hot tub at my different houses for the past 20 years and this was the easiest chemical to keep it clear that I have ever used. It is so easy to […]

  • Darryl Lerum (Fort St. James, B.C., Canada)

    Darryl Lerum (Fort St. James, B.C., Canada)

    I just stared to using SilkBalance, it is so easy to keep the water balanced at the proper level. Also after using the tub, my legs would feel itchy and now with SilkBalance I do not have this problem. I highly recommend this product to anyone.

  • John Murray (Marshalltown, Iowa)

    John Murray (Marshalltown, Iowa)

    We started using SilkBalance about three years ago and we love the way it makes the water and our skin feel. We promote it to our friends who have hot tubs.

  • Maurice Winters (Dallas, Texas)

    Maurice Winters (Dallas, Texas)

    SilkBalance for effortless spa maintenance all season. I love the way your skin feels after a nice long soak.

  • BILL and CHRISTINE BOYER (Boise, Idaho)

    BILL and CHRISTINE BOYER (Boise, Idaho)

    Hi! We love SilkBalance! We noticed the difference the first time we used it. Our skin felt so much softer when we got out of the tub. We would recommend it to anyone who has a hot tub!

  • Dana Wehe (Morrisville, Vt.)

    Dana Wehe (Morrisville, Vt.)

    We have used SilkBalance since purchasing our tub three years ago. We love the way it keeps our water crystal clear and soft. I would recommend SilkBalance to everyone.

  • Scott Jordan (St. Charles, Iowa)

    Scott Jordan (St. Charles, Iowa)

    I’ve been using SilkBalance for a month now. As a mechanic, my hands and arms were always dry and rough from the chemicals used to clean up parts. My wife has made comments on how soft my hands are now. Thanks SilkBalance!

  • Gordon Horwath (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Gordon Horwath (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    We owned our hot tub for many years now and over those years we used different brands of chemicals. The dealer I buy from introduced me to “SILKBALANCE.” We have switched to SilkBalance – been using it for well more than a year now and we just love it !!! SilkBalance is simple/easy to use […]

  • SilkBalance Ambassador Trent Gunnarson of North Ogden, Utah Veteran

    Trent Gunnarson (North Ogden, Utah)

    Trent Gunnarson (North Ogden, Utah)

    When preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan, I purchased a Bullfrog Spa from our neighborhood dealer to help the wife relax while I was away. The original chemicals were so complex that we felt like we were back in high school chemistry again. When our dealer changed to a treatment that was dead simple, we […]

    SilkBalance Ambassador Trent Gunnarson of North Ogden, Utah Veteran
  • Jennifer Bunke (Alto, Mich.)

    Jennifer Bunke (Alto, Mich.)

    We switched to SilkBalance about three weeks after purchasing our spa. It is so much easier to maintain and the water smells and feels so much better. We are so happy we made the switch!

  • Jane Scales (Ottumwa, Iowa)

    Jane Scales (Ottumwa, Iowa)

    Great product. Does everything it’s supposed to do. We especially love the way it helps our skin from drying out. Makes the whole spa experience so much better!

  • Jeffrey Smith (Eagle River, Alaska)

    Jeffrey Smith (Eagle River, Alaska)

    Great product. Takes the guess work out of balancing chemicals and makes hot tub maintenance a dream. Water is fresh and clean with minimal work. Highly recommend.

  • JOANNE FRANKLIN (Meridian, Idaho)

    JOANNE FRANKLIN (Meridian, Idaho)

    We recently decided to purchase our second Hot Spring spa for our backyard. Our first one was purchased in 1992. We loved it. When we moved to our current location with a tiny and closed-in backyard, we talked ourselves out of putting a spa here. Part of the hesitation involved the daily care and maintenance […]

  • CRYSTAL SMITH (Nampa, Idaho)

    CRYSTAL SMITH (Nampa, Idaho)

    I recently purchased SilkBalance for my hot tub after battling many different water problems. We have severe hard water and our hot tub water never seemed clear before purchasing this product. Also, my husband recently was diagnosed with eczema and we were looking for a solution to the harsh chemicals that were in our water […]

  • Crystal Watson, Prince George, BC, Canada

    Crystal Watson, Prince George, BC, Canada

    I love the SilkBalance for our spa. I am finding it is easier to maintain the use of chemicals in our hot tub. Life is busy and it is really nice to use less chemicals and have more stable levels. Thank you for SilkBalance!

  • KENNETH CECIL (Meridian, Idaho)

    KENNETH CECIL (Meridian, Idaho)

    We have used the SilkBalance water care system for the last two months and I can say that from day one we have really enjoyed this product.I like getting into the hot tub and relaxing without the familiar odor of chemicals. The water is clean and our skin is soft and not itchy, nor do […]

  • Bruce Love (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Bruce Love (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    I have been a hot tub owner for 20 years and this is only the third hot tub treatment I have used. I am very careful to not use something that I am not absolutely sure about. SilkBalance was recommended to me by a friend and my dealer – and I am very impressed. It […]

  • Rex Adams (Pittsburg, Texas)

    Rex Adams (Pittsburg, Texas)

    Amazed at how it improved the texture of the water to a smooth, silky feel.

  • Jack von der Heide (Hurst, Texas)

    Jack von der Heide (Hurst, Texas)

    I love using SilkBalance, it is so easy to use and the water stays crystal clear and odor free. You get out of the hot tub and you don’t feel like you have chemicals all over. I wouldn’t use anything else. Coleman Bright Ideas ships it out every four months with my shock.

  • Jesse JARNES (Haines, Ore.)

    Jesse JARNES (Haines, Ore.)

    We have been proud owners of our tub now for a couple months. We thoroughly enjoy being able to step off of our porch into our own private tub. The best part is that since using SilkBalance, our water is so soft and after being in our tub, our skin feels softer too. We will […]

  • Randall Patrick (Marysville, Wash.)

    Randall Patrick (Marysville, Wash.)

    SILKBALANCE! I’m in Marysville, Washington and Its cold up here! There’s nothing more relaxing than the hot tub to unwind and melt away the stress. I like that SilkBalance is easy to use, it keeps the hot tub clean. It’s ready to go whenever I want. Also it feels smooth on your skin like I’m […]

  • Jerry Stephens (Plain City, Utah)

    Jerry Stephens (Plain City, Utah)

    SilkBalance has taken a lot of work out of caring for our spa.

  • Russell Adams (Clinton, Utah)

    Russell Adams (Clinton, Utah)

    We went to Bullfrog Spas in Layton to get some chemicals for our hot tub. We spoke to Franz, and he told us about SilkBalance. We had had problems in the past keeping our water balanced. Since using the SilkBalance product, the water is clear, clean & odor free. It is so easy to maintain. […]

  • Connor BATES (Meridian, Idaho)

    Connor BATES (Meridian, Idaho)

    We love SilkBalance! It is super easy to maintain our hot tub and the water doesn’t smell.

  • Eugene Spitzley (Westphalia, Mich.)

    Eugene Spitzley (Westphalia, Mich.)

    I like SilkBalance for a few reasons: it’s easier to use, it feels softer on my skin, and it doesn’t smell strong like our previous brand. My nieces are enjoying it too! Thank you!

  • Lawrence Sharkey (Prince George, BC)

    Lawrence Sharkey (Prince George, BC)

    Very easy to use, has a very pleasant odor and is sulfur free which is very important to us.

  • RL Arnold (Argyle, Texas)

    RL Arnold (Argyle, Texas)

    SilkBalance has made us LOVE our spa even more than we did, and we’d have never believed that could happen! The simple process of adding SilkBalance weekly makes “taking care” of the spa so easy – a CHILD can do it! The water is perfect. We are so thankful for SilkBalance! What a fantastic product!

  • Jill Lodder (Farmington, Utah)

    Jill Lodder (Farmington, Utah)

    We LOVE SilkBalance for so many reasons but I think besides the fact that it makes it so simple, I feel like the grandkids are safe from any harsh chemicals and smells. It feels so amazing!

  • Terry CASH (Meridian, Idaho)

    Terry CASH (Meridian, Idaho)

    We have been using SilkBalance for a month now and find it to be a great product.It leaves your skin smooth and fresh. We don’t have the chlorine smell and dried skin that we had when using regular spa products. Makes our spa time much more enjoyable. Give it a try, I think you will […]

  • Jim Thomas (Clinton, Utah)

    Jim Thomas (Clinton, Utah)

    Love our Bullfrog spa and SilkBalance. It’s so easy and makes having a hot tub a wonderful experience. Our skin feels soft and the water stays great for a long time.

  • Bryce Olsen (North Ogden, Utah)

    Bryce Olsen (North Ogden, Utah)

    SilkBalance is the only way to go. When I purchased my spa from Bullfrog Spas of Ogden I had two options for my spa. One looked like a chemistry set and the other was two bottles. The SilkBalance is the best and easiest way to maintain your spa all year long and the best part […]

  • John Jaques (Wasilla, Alaska)

    John Jaques (Wasilla, Alaska)

    We love the ease of spa maintenance with SilkBalance. SilkBalance makes owning a spa easy and enjoyable. The water is soft and clean. I would recommend SilkBalance to anyone who owns a spa.

  • Teresa Borzecki (Burbank, Ill.)

    Teresa Borzecki (Burbank, Ill.)

    Maintaining my hot tub has always been a struggle. I’ve tried every product out there and my water was still cloudy and would smell. I finally found the best product that ACTUALLY WORKS. My water is crystal clear and has no unpleasant odors. This product saves time on maintaining and I can finally enjoy my […]

  • Jessica Fiedor (Wixom, Mich.)

    Jessica Fiedor (Wixom, Mich.)

    We had problems with cloudy water in our new spa. After draining and refilling it twice, we decided to try SilkBalance. We have not had any cloudy water since! It is amazing. Our skin doesn’t feel dried out after using our tub, there is no chlorine smell, and we don’t have to add chemicals every […]

  • Tangela Boggiano (Muskegan, Mich.)

    Tangela Boggiano (Muskegan, Mich.)

    We are new owners of a spa and our water was cloudy on the 4th day. We added chemicals, tested it, and just couldn’t clear it up. We bought SilkBalance on day 5 of owning the spa and it has cleared up quickly and it looks amazing! Less chemical usage and silky, moisturized skin is […]

  • LUCAS BABIN (Eagle, Idaho)

    LUCAS BABIN (Eagle, Idaho)

    SilkBalance has made my hot tubbing experience much more enjoyable. I no longer have itchy skin when I get out of my spa. I am amazed at how clean and odor free it keeps my water on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend SilkBalance. It was easy to change over from my old water […]

  • Dale Ouzts (Helena, Mont.)

    Dale Ouzts (Helena, Mont.)

    SilkBalance takes all the difficulties out of treating our hot tub’s water. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

  • Dawn Mackin (Newtown, Pa.)

    Dawn Mackin (Newtown, Pa.)

    I always wanted to buy a hot tub, but was concerned about having that dried out chlorine feeling whenever I got out of the tub. I decided to buy one after my hot tub dealer assured me that SilkBalance would eliminate that issue. I also read the testimonials on your site to be sure. After […]

  • Cindy Binns (Linden, Mich.)

    Cindy Binns (Linden, Mich.)

    I have had my hot tub for years. The last two years I haven’t been able to use it much due to having an allergic reaction to the chemicals, creating a terrible rash all over my body. I decided to give SilkBalance a try and couldn’t be happier! I can now enjoy my hot tub, […]

  • Rich Winkler (Arnold, Mo.)

    Rich Winkler (Arnold, Mo.)

    My wife has asthma and is very sensitive to most sanitizers. We tried the system that came with the spa as well as chlorine and bromine to no avail. We then found your SilkBalance system at Baker Pool and after talking to them, decided to give it a try. We followed their start-up instructions to […]

  • Anthony Davis (Urbandale, Iowa)

    Anthony Davis (Urbandale, Iowa)

    SilkBalance helps us keep a clean hot tub. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of our hot tub water. Once in a while, if we forget to add SilkBalance on a weekly basis, we have problems with the water quality. When used weekly as prescribed, our hot tub stays clean and increases our […]

  • Tracey Parks (North Salt Lake, Utah)

    Tracey Parks (North Salt Lake, Utah)

    Love the ease of SilkBalance! It is the easiest chemistry that we have ever used in our spa.We love the way it leaves your skin so soft also! Great product! We bought our spa from Bullfrog Spas of Layton/Ogden/Logan and they introduced us to your wonderful product! Customer for life!

  • Margarette Studenka (Farmington Hills, Mich.)

    Margarette Studenka (Farmington Hills, Mich.)

    After almost 20 years of using the old chlorine system, we got a new spa and switched to SilkBalance. It’s so easy. I love that it stays in balance so I don’t always have to be checking and adjusting the pH, and even better is that there’s no chlorine odor when you’re in the tub […]

  • Brian Sullivan (La Crosse, Wis.)

    Brian Sullivan (La Crosse, Wis.)

    SilkBalance is easy to use and works. It’s a one-stop shop for all of our spa needs. Our skin feels great after being in the hot tub when it’s in. We keep track of usage by writing dates right on the bottle itself. We are glad we came across this gem!

  • Garth Williams (Hayden, Idaho)

    Garth Williams (Hayden, Idaho)

    We started out using this product from the first time we filled it up. It neutralizes the hard water and allows your skin to feel soft while giving your water a nice scent. Very nice product.

  • MICHAEL BATES (Meridian, Idaho)

    MICHAEL BATES (Meridian, Idaho)

    We recently purchased our third spa and we decided to go with SilkBalance this time. We are so happy we did. SilkBalance makes spa maintenance so easy!

  • Jason Smith (Telluride, Colo.)

    Jason Smith (Telluride, Colo.)

    SilkBalance really helps keep my spa water clean and fresh. It seems to help my itchy skin overall. I use it once a week and don’t have the skin issues I used to before starting on this program. For the small added monthly cost, it is well worth it!

  • Mark Lukens (Bellevue, Wash.)

    Mark Lukens (Bellevue, Wash.)

    Dear Olympic Hot Tub:I love using SilkBalance in my hot tub. It makes maintaining the tub very easy and it makes the water feel silk-like. It’s very easy to use as well. Best Regards, Mark Lukens

  • Curt Gienger (Aberdeen, S.D.)

    Curt Gienger (Aberdeen, S.D.)

    SilkBalance works great to help keep the water in balance longer and makes our skin feel silky smooth. Love this product.

  • John Jaques (Wasilla, Alaska)

    John Jaques (Wasilla, Alaska)

    We love our tub and SilkBalance makes it all possible. With SilkBalance, water maintenance is a snap with once a week testing. Combined with our Ace salt water system, we have silky smooth water week after week.

  • Phillip Escobar (Sammamish, Wash.)

    Phillip Escobar (Sammamish, Wash.)

    We love SilkBalance. The water clarity is amazing, and the water just feels better. We started using SilkBalance this year, and now can’t imagine not using it. I’d recommend anyone with a hot tub try it out! – Satisfied SilkBalance customer

  • David Spalding (Olympia, Wash.)

    David Spalding (Olympia, Wash.)

    Thanks for your help getting my new hot tub running with SilkBalance. IT has no chemical smell and doesn’t dry out my skin!Love it!

  • Patricia Winter (Tenino, Wash.)

    Patricia Winter (Tenino, Wash.)

    I am new to Hot tubbing as I just purchased my tub in April 2015. So far I am happy with the way my skin feels getting out of the tub. It is soft and doesn’t feel dried out at all. I will continue to keep using this product!!

  • Dr. Harry Rzepka (Gates Mills, Ohio)

    Dr. Harry Rzepka (Gates Mills, Ohio)

    Now that I am using SilkBalance, I no longer have any problems with my skin. Thank you. Dr. Harry

  • Joseph Cardona (Boise, Idaho)

    Joseph Cardona (Boise, Idaho)

    SilkBalance has softened my skin to the point that I am not using all my dry skin products.We love SilkBalance and won’t go back ever! Thank you for this spa product!

  • Sydnie Beavers (Kearney, Neb.)

    Sydnie Beavers (Kearney, Neb.)

    I had been fighting for years to have crystal clear water. Lots of chemicals, money, and time. Still never had clear water. With using SilkBalance from the first time and for the past two years … CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER. Less time, money, checking chemicals, and much happier. I recommend this product to everyone who has […]

  • Donald Stensland (Slater, Iowa)

    Donald Stensland (Slater, Iowa)

    A friend of mine got rid of their hot tub because his wife broke out. I told her about SilkBalance so they came over to try out my new hot tub. She didn’t break out, so now they are thinking of buying a new hot tub. Way to go SilkBalance.

  • Bob Hyde (Dexter, Mich.)

    Bob Hyde (Dexter, Mich.)

    I love how smooth the SilkBalance makes our skin feel. And our hot tub care has never been easier!It’s time to get ready for the fall tubbing season and the cold weather to come here in Michigan! Thank you, SilkBalance for your wonderful product!

  • Keith Chapman (Warrensburg, Mo.)

    Keith Chapman (Warrensburg, Mo.)

    I love the way the SilkBalance makes my skin feel. The chemicals are easy to use and my wife loves it!

  • Joe Brown (Grand Island, Neb.)

    Joe Brown (Grand Island, Neb.)

    love the stuff. Works very well and saves me all kinds of time vs. adding all the chemicals. The new formula saves even more time.

  • Justin Tabbert (Helena, Mont.)

    Justin Tabbert (Helena, Mont.)

    I’m very happy with my purchase of SilkBalance. We love that it doesn’t have the strong chemical smell of chlorine, but still works great.

  • Lynn Harpold (Garden City, Idaho)

    Lynn Harpold (Garden City, Idaho)

    When we first purchased our hot tub, the chemicals we had to use each time we used it and then once a week seemed very easy to overlook and keep up on.These also affected by wife’s skin so bad she had to go see a dermatologist to treat the rash the spa was giving her […]

  • Angela Halverson (Spring Grove, Minn.)

    Angela Halverson (Spring Grove, Minn.)

    We love SilkBalance! It makes caring for our hot tub so easy – there is no “mad scientist” mixing or guessing. You just add it as scheduled and there are no worries! In the picture are my daughter, Ellie Mae and her friend Kennedy. Our hot tub was definitely an investment. I have rheumatoid arthritis […]

  • Debbie Robinson (Plain City, Utah)

    Debbie Robinson (Plain City, Utah)

    SilkBalance is a wonderful product to use in our hot tub.We have really enjoyed our hot tub and the silkbalance helps keep our skin soft.

  • Samantha Duran (Corona, Calif.)

    Samantha Duran (Corona, Calif.)

    I love the way my skin feels after using SilkBalance. It is silky soft!

  • Paul Mackendrick (Runnells, Iowa)

    Paul Mackendrick (Runnells, Iowa)

    SilkBalance is a vital part of keeping my spa in condition for the whole family.

  • Rick Sylvester (Everett, Wash.)

    Rick Sylvester (Everett, Wash.)

    This stuff is amazing!Can’t believe how clean and fresh the water is with just a few ounces a week. No more stinking chemical smell!! Best of all no more irritated, dried out or rashy skin!! Thanks for this awesome product!!!!

  • Easton Fellows (Preston, Idaho)

    Easton Fellows (Preston, Idaho)

    We love SilkBalance. It’s so easy to use and makes the water feel so good! So glad Bullfrog Spas of Layton/Ogden/Logan recommended it to us!

  • Jim Inloes (Hamburg Twp., Mich.)

    Jim Inloes (Hamburg Twp., Mich.)

    SilkBalance has made maintaining my hot tub easy and provides clean, clear and maintenance-free water.

  • Diane Lukavsky (Clive, Iowa)

    Diane Lukavsky (Clive, Iowa)

    I purchased a used hot tub a year ago and the salesman encouraged me to switch to SilkBalance. Using SilkBalance is much easier than what we were using. We also had issues getting our water balanced. I had almost given up on using any hot tub because how my skin would itch after being in […]

  • Todd, Susie and Sarah Gee (Twin Falls, Idaho)

    Todd, Susie and Sarah Gee (Twin Falls, Idaho)

    We started using SilkBalance as my wife suffers from eczema and the chemicals before SilkBalance would cause her skin to break out and itch. But since we switched to SilkBalance, her skin is soft and she no longer suffers from any irritations. We highly recommend those with spas to switch to this great product. It […]

  • Gary Lord (Davenport, Iowa)

    Gary Lord (Davenport, Iowa)

    Not only does our skin feel softer but upon draining the tub this spring I was amazed how easy it was to clean up after not changing the water all winter. I’m glad I switched to SilkBalance and will always be a user.

  • Rick Arnold (Argyle, Texas)

    Rick Arnold (Argyle, Texas)

    SilkBalance is PERFECT! It makes keeping our relaxing/hydrotherapy spa perfectly balanced an EASY task. Soft, clear, odor-free water with such ease is quite amazing! Who wants to work hard to be able to use their spa? NOT us! SilkBalance is amazing! We LOVE it! Look at our water… it’s perfect, thanks to SilkBalance!

  • Robert Hammaker (Palmer, Alaska)

    Robert Hammaker (Palmer, Alaska)

    We have had a hot tub for the last 20 years, but have only been using SilkBalance for the last year. As suggested by the name, the water does have a silky feel to it with SilkBalance, but what I appreciate most is how much simpler the water care is with this product. It does […]

  • Teresa Shipman (Blue Springs, Mo.)

    Teresa Shipman (Blue Springs, Mo.)

    We have been using SilkBalance for about six months and all the problems we were having with our hot tub water have vanished. SilkBalance is so easy to use and it keeps the water in perfect condition.

  • Tammy Lutz (Saginaw, Mich.)

    Tammy Lutz (Saginaw, Mich.)

    SilkBalance is the best!  This magic liquid is convenient, simple, and quick to use and only requires three ounces in your filter once each week.  I recently switched over to this product and will never turn back.

  • Sarita Hammond (Pleasant View, UT)

    Sarita Hammond (Pleasant View, UT)

    LOVE, love, love SilkBalance. No strong odor. Leaves your skin feeling great and best of all, it’s just ONE easy step to maintain your hot tub once a week. I used to hate having to add four different chemicals in and then testing to make sure it was all balanced, it just never worked out […]

  • Sharla Duchscherer (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Sharla Duchscherer (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Thank you SilkBalance! I no longer have to limit my hot tub time as my skin is loving the new system. Less irritation to the skin, does not dry out the skin at all! Also it is so easy to use, no chemical or bleach odor. Feels so good! We enjoy using our tub to […]

  • Laurel and Paul James (Davison, Mich.)

    Laurel and Paul James (Davison, Mich.)

    My husband and I love using SilkBalance in our hot tub!  It is safe for our grandkids. We would definitely recommend SilkBalance because it makes your skin feel soft and it is a great choice for our family!  

  • Bobby Gamsby (Layton, Utah)

    Bobby Gamsby (Layton, Utah)

    SilkBalance products are the best! They are easy to use, easy to store, pleasant smell and are the most cost effective. However, what we like most is SilkBalance products don’t leave us feeling itchy like some other brands of spa chemicals. The Layton Bullfrog Dealership Rep, Franz recommended this product to us and we are […]

  • James Emptage (Luna Pier, Mich.)

    James Emptage (Luna Pier, Mich.)

    We bought our new spa about one year ago and at the time our dealer recommended using SilkBalance. We are very happy we took their advice. It has eliminated the need to “tweak” our water chemistry and it makes spa maintenance simple with great results. I have had other hot tub owners ask about how […]

  • Sandra Kipp (Davison, Mich.)

    Sandra Kipp (Davison, Mich.)

    I have used my old hot tub for 20 years. I just recently upgraded to a new hot tub and I am amazed how easy SilkBalance is to learn and use compared to the old products. Orange is also my favorite color.

  • Winter Spa

    Tammy and Don Socks (Chelsea, Mich.)

    Tammy and Don Socks (Chelsea, Mich.)

    We have had our hot tub for years. We recently switched to SilkBalance because we were having so much trouble balancing our water. We spent so much money on chemicals and never had good results. When we started using SilkBalance, we couldn’t believe how much easier it was to maintain our water and how clear […]

    Winter Spa
  • Amanda Davis (Vicksburg, Mich.)

    Amanda Davis (Vicksburg, Mich.)

    Every hot tub owner should try SilkBalance! My husband and I started off using floating bromine cartridges in our new hot tub and I couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to switch to SilkBalance. It’s simple to use, keeps water crystal clean and feels silky smooth.

  • Pat Guay (Renton, Wash.)

    Pat Guay (Renton, Wash.)

    SilkBalance has provided a carefree, luxurious and quality hot tubbing experience for our family. The cleanliness of the water and effect on us has been so much better than previous methods. The ease of use in maintaining the tub, using SilkBalance has been an additional stress reliever. Thanks for this wonderful product!

  • Lorna Cullen (Troy, Mo.)

    Lorna Cullen (Troy, Mo.)

    We hesitated buying a spa due to the maintenance. SilkBalance has made it so easy to maintain a beautiful fresh clean spa. Thank you so much SilkBalance!

  • George Work (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.)

    George Work (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.)

    I switched to SilkBalance when we replaced our old spa. Using SilkBalance is much easier than the other brand I was using, plus the water smells better. My hot tub dealer recommended SilkBalance and I am glad she did.

  • The Simkowiaks (Plain City, Utah)

    The Simkowiaks (Plain City, Utah)

    We have been using SilkBalance for more than a year. We switched from another treatment process. We are completely thrilled with the ease of using the SilkBalance hot tub conditioner. The water is always crystal clear and inviting with no noticeable odor. We never have pH problems and everything else seems to stay right in balance.

  • Judy Steagall (Prineville, Ore.)

    Judy Steagall (Prineville, Ore.)

    We had difficulty getting our water balanced without being cloudy. We got it working right and attribute this to using SilkBalance. The water has stayed crystal clear and my skin itch has gone away. Yeah for SilkBalance!

  • Judy Schuster (Mercer Island, Wash.)

    Judy Schuster (Mercer Island, Wash.)

    We love SilkBalance. So easy to use and our skin feels great. Wonderful product!

  • Dorato


    We owned a 20 X 40 in the ground pool for 16 years. Not sure if your product was available back than. Sure would have used it. Silk Balance has made maintenance on our Spa a pleasure to work with. Ph , total alkalinity and chlorine levels are much more stable. Not to mention how […]



    We have loved using the silk system in our hot tub. Having loved hot tubs for a long time, we understood the likelihood that enjoying our hot tub would dry out our skin. We have been very happy to not face that. We have loved using silk and how it feels on our skin.

  • Olson


    My wife and I were having trouble with dry skin until we starting using silk balance. What a big difference. Thank you for coming out with a product that not only gives us soft skin but also does the job of keeping our water crystal clean without harsh chemicals.

  • DIANE TOLOMEO (Victoria, BC)

    DIANE TOLOMEO (Victoria, BC)

    We love our daily hot tub, and we love how SilkBalance keeps the water clear and sweet-smelling! It’s lovely not having to juggle the chemical balance of the spa, and the water really does feel silky. I guess that’s how it got its name! Thank you for this wonderful product!

  • Craig & Shelli Wilcox

    Craig & Shelli Wilcox

    We have used SilkBalance in our spa since the day we bought it a little over a year ago. I love how silky the water feels and how clean and clear the water looks. We have been on vacation in the past and gotten off schedule with our water treatments and we noticed a big […]



    Mark and Pat Solinger like SilkBalance because it makes your hot tub water very soft and it’s easy to manage. Thank you.



    When I heard of SilkBalance, I was very skeptical for two reasons: (1) That it wouldn’t be able to match the softness offered by (other products) and (2) that it would not work well with my classic Hot Spring 1987 home spa because of my antiquated filter and circulation technology. I am happy to say that […]



    I like SilkBalance because I don’t have to buy any more of those harsh chemicals that I had been pouring into my tub. Instead it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • HERATH FAMILY (Otis Orchards, Wash.)

    HERATH FAMILY (Otis Orchards, Wash.)

    We’ve owned our spa for more than 10 years and found ourselves using it less and less, never quite satisfied with the quality of the water. Finding and maintaining a balance in the water chemistry had always been a challenge. While discussing our frustrations, they recommended a product called SilkBalance. Wow … it works! Everything advertised […]



    Please find attached a photo of my beloved daughter Sami, me, and my beloved SilkBalance. I surprised my family with our first hot tub for Christmas. To my disappointment, the typical chemicals left me feeling dry after every soak. My colleague told me about SilkBalance. I spent a weekend draining, cleaning and filling my hot […]



    What can I possibly say about SilkBalance? I absolutely love it! I no longer have dryness or smell like a hot tub. I will never go back to using the “old” chemicals.Thanks again SilkBalance …

  • BRIAN CALLISTER (Suwanee, Ga.)

    BRIAN CALLISTER (Suwanee, Ga.)

    I have been using SilkBalance for more than two years. This product has been all that was advertised! I no longer have the “confusion” of chemical mixes and enjoy the “clean” smell of the spa water. I would recommend SilkBalance to anyone who owns a hot tub!

  • LINDA DAY (Watertown, Conn.)

    LINDA DAY (Watertown, Conn.)

    I always loved going in a hot tub but after some time, I would get itchy. When I bought my own hot tub, the dealer told me to use SilkBalance. Sure enough, I spent as long as two hours in the hot tub and it’s as smooth as lotion.SilkBalance also makes it easier to adjust the chemicals.

  • COLLINS FAMILY (Seattle)

    COLLINS FAMILY (Seattle)

    We are the Collins Family. Pictured are my sons, Henry and Cooper. We use our hot tub regularly. In fact, I like to think of it as a second bathtub minus the soap ;o). I feel confident the hot tub is safe and clean for our daily use. We have been using SilkBalance for about […]



    After using SilkBalance for only a week I don’t plan on using anything else. Not only does our water look great but I feel so much better! Thanks SilkBalance!

  • Olinger


    We really enjoy getting in our hot tub and soaking after a long day at work. It is nice to use less chemicals and have silky skin when we get out of the tub. We used to shower after using our hot tub due to the harsh chemical smell on our skin. Now we just […]

  • mason


    Sile Balance is amazing! This is our 3rd hot tub over 20 years, maintaining the water has never been this easy!

  • Robinson


    I love silk balance. It leaves your skin very soft. I have been very happy with it.

  • Macura


    This is my second spa and the first time I have used Silk Balance. I loved my last spa but hated the constant testing science experiment that took place in an attempt to keep the water balanced. With our new spa this has become a distant memory and now we spend very little time testing […]



    We love Silk Balance We are new spa owners and have loved how well the Silk Balance helps us maintain our spa. Bullfrog Spas of Layton has also been very helpful in making our spa experience positive.

  • Whitby


    We have been using Silk Balance ever since we bought our Bullfrog Spa in Layton almost two years ago, and will continue to do so. It is easy to use and works great. Each bottle lasts us about six months. I recommend it!

  • Hartle


    We have enjoyed our Silk Balance since May of 2014. It has helped ease the maintenance of our spa as well as keep our skin from drying out with daily use of our spa.

  • Denny


    I was developing an awful itchy rash on my legs from using our old hot tub chemicals. I got to the point where I couldn’t us my beloved tub which I am in at least 5/6 days a week. I was really depressed but not willing to have the rash get worse. I started doing […]

  • KING


    The Silk balance has been a great addition to our spa. It feels great on our skin and we enjoy sitting in our spa more than ever!!

  • Hudson


    During the thirteen years of owning our hot tub, we have tried numerous water treatment products (chlorine, bromine, another low maintenance product that failed miserably), and have never found anything that was satisfactory until we were introduced to Silk Balance by Lifestyles in Burton. Previous products left the water cloudy and scummy. After using Silk […]

  • Hunsaker


    We love are silkbalance! It leaves your skin so soft! Its great stuff! we bought are silk balance at Bullfrog spas in Layton

  • Rogers


    This product is so nice. We absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone. No harsh chemical smell and our skin always feels so wonderful after we use the tub! Great, great product.

  • Robin Curtis (Dewitt, Mich.)

    Robin Curtis (Dewitt, Mich.)

    SilkBalance has made owning a hot tub effortless and stress free. I used to battle spa water continuously with traditional chemicals. I now just use SilkBalance as directed and enjoy my hot tub.

  • The Dahlman Family (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

    The Dahlman Family (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

    We love our SilkBalance! It is so easy to use and we can’t get over how clear, clean and soft our hot tub water is. We are equally impressed that it is odor free. Kudos to SilkBalance for such an amazing product.

  • HOLT



  • Eggert


    We have used Silk Balance in our Hot Springs Aria from day one. The Water is clear, it smells fresh and clean, and our skin feels so soft and silky. This product lets you spend your time IN your hot tub, not maintaining it. A simple shake and pour once a week is all it […]

  • Keyes


    I love the way SilkBalance makes the water feel in my hot tub that I purchased from Bullfrog Spa’s of Layton/Ogden/Logan.

  • Fuller


    This product is amazing! Our salesman told us about it. The water is so clear and my skin is soft and no chlorine smell.

  • Calandrella


    We had wanted a hot tub for several years, but I was always put off by reports of the chemical maintenance regimen. Then I heard about the Silk Balance system from our local spa dealer, and decided to ‘take the plunge’ . What a revelation! No constant testing, adding multiple chemicals, testing again, etc. A […]



    It makes maintenance easier and the water gives you soft skin. thanks.



    We are loving our new spa! Both of our kids have sensitive skin especially to chemicals and fragrances. With Silk Balance, however, they have had no problems even though they are in the spa every day. Thanks for a great product!!!

  • Bent


    I started using SilkBalance four months ago when I got my new Hot Spot Spa. During that time I have had no water problems of any kind. The water has been clear and there has been no foam, no odor, and the PH has been easy to maintain. And the water doesn’t just look good. […]

  • Wolski


    Once we got the water balanced, using silk balance was so easy and almost care free. We liked the way our skin felt after getting out of the tub. Especially the kids who used to itch before we used it. It really worked great

  • Socks


    We have had our hot tub for years. We recently switched to Silk Balance because we were having so much trouble balancing our water. We spent so much money on chemicals and never had good results. When we started using Silk Balance, we couldn’t believe how much easier it was to maintain our water and […]

  • Crane


    I was reluctant to change to Silk Balance when the rep at Lifestyles suggested it. It seemed expensive at first – however – now that I’ve used it for nearly a year, I’ve found that the cost is about the same and it’s much more convenient than our old chemicals. The feel of the water […]

  • Dunn


    I have been using SilkBalance for years in our Bullfrog spa It is Awesome !!!



    Silk Balance has improved our families hot experience by creating a silky soft water that has not caused our skin to dry due chlorine

  • Jensen


    Silk Balance is a simple and efficient system. Easy enough for anyone. I bought this product from Bullfrog Spas of Layton/Ogden/Logan.

  • Savoie


    We love SilkBalance and will only use that as it leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. SilkBalance doesn’t leave a residue on your skin making it feel dry and itchy like other brands.



    We have been using Silk Balance in our spa for the past few months and feel it is one of the very best products on the market!! Our skin feels – well, like “silk” and when we use it according to directions our spa stays clean and well balanced. We love it and plan to […]

  • McAdoo


    I just started using Silk Balance for the first time. I just love the product! It is so easy to use. No more trying to figure out what chemicals to use when. It keeps my spa perfect!

  • Barton


    SilkBalance has taken the hassle out of keeping our hot tub clean and sparkling. Other huge benefits are no more dry skin and chlorine smell. We were skeptical that it would work, but it were proven wrong as it does a great job without a lot of testing and harsh chemicals. We’ll never go back […]



    SilkBalance enhances our spa experience. It leaves our skin oh so soft and our water remains crystal clear. We love it!!!

  • Johnston


    Virtual one step spa maintenance has made the care of the spa water very easy. It really pays foe itself during the winter in Vermont.

  • Brown


    We are absolutely loving the SilkBalance system! It is so nice to enjoy a soak without the nasty Bromine fumes and the icky feeling that we were just in a public pool. We are telling everyone we know about SilkBalance and just how easy it is. Thanks for the great product! Keith – Grand Blanc […]

  • Elstad


    We have been using silk balance for 6 months and we are more than pleased, makes maintenance a snap. And feels awesome on the skin.

  • Holbert


    I have very dry winter skin and was thinking it would be worse this year from the heat of the hot tub, but my skin is in better shape than ever, thanks to Silk Balance!! This product keeps my skin moisture where it should be, and I continue to enjoy our spa even during these […]

  • Birks


    Silk balance has made the care and upkeep of our new Beachcomber hot tub a breeze. We were concerned about the added time the care of the tub would take but with silk balance it has been so easy. With a check once a week then adding the silk balance makes the water so soft […]

  • Schneider


    This is our first Hot Tub, Silk Balance was recommended to us, and we like it a lot, fresh and smooth skin.

  • Liske


    Our daughters have awful dry skin in the winter. We had only had our hot tub for 3 months and knew we needed to try something different. Silk Balance has helped immensely. Their skin is not only soft when they get out of the hot tub, but they are not inhaling all the chemical smells. […]

  • Peace


    I’ve switched to SilkBalance 1 year ago. I love how my skin feels after a soak in the spa. I will never use my spa without SilkBalance. Thank you Bullfrog of Layton, Utah for introducing me to this great product.



    I’ve appreciated the ease of using Silk Balance to provide a skin pleasing experience. I enjoy soaking in my hot tub before a winter workout. Prior to using Silk Balance, I would experience a mild burning sensation in my skin once I started sweating during the workout because the chemicals in the water I was […]



    It is so inviting to open my hot tub and see the clear, fresh water that Silk Balance creates! While in our tub we enjoy the soft silky water. It is very relaxing to be free of harsh chemical smells. We appreciate the ease of using the measuring cup lid too.

  • Ross


    I love Silk Balance. It is very dry and either really cold or really hot in Utah. Silk Balance keeps my skin from drying out.

  • Seitz


    Thank you Baker Pool and Spa and particularly Bobbi for the wonderful recommendation of the Hot Spot TX Spa and for showing me the value of the silkbalance program. I am a Sports official and use the Spa to relieve soreness and tension from Refereeing. With the previous Spa I had I would always be […]

  • Seitz


    Thank you Baker Pool and Spa and particularly Bobbi for the wonderful recommendation of the Hot Spot TX Spa and for showing me the value of the silkbalance program. I am a Sports official and use the Spa to relieve soreness and tension from Refereeing. With the previous Spa I had I would always be […]

  • Boenzi


    We love our spa and we love SilkBalance. We use SilkBalance to help clean our water clear and our skin soft. We ran out once and noticed the difference right away. Our spa gets a lot of year round use with four kids and friends and SilkBalance helps us keep the spa healthy. We would […]

  • Smith


    I have been a spa owner for 4 years now and started off with a salt water system then converted to chlorine. Obviously this requires daily maintenance to keep things balanced. That was until I found silk balance. Just one time per week and some sanitizer every now and then and my water stay clean […]

  • Crismon


    We are very impressed with just how clean and clear our spa water is with SilkBlance and how soft it leaves our skin. We’re also amazed with how easy it is to use. It’s important for us to not expose our grandchildren and ourselves to conventional spa chemicals. These are a few of the reasons […]

  • Gammon


    We inherited a hot tub when we bought our house a couple of years ago. The closet full of chemicals was incredibly intimidating. Our local dealer recommended SilkBalance, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the ease and simplicity with which I can keep our hot tub clean and refreshing. Plus there’s a lot more […]

  • Freshley


    Simple, easy to use product that has taken the guess work out of our hot tub chemistry. Thank you!

  • Chronis


    My husband and I were excited when we purchased our new spa! SilkBalance keeps our water clean and has a nice fresh smell unlike some other spas I have used in the past. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. We’re really enjoying this and will continue to purchase. Thank you SilkBalance for a high […]

  • DILL


    My husband and grandson both have eczema and must be careful when using our hot tub. With our new SILKBALANCE they can enjoy a much longer soak and not have to worry about dry skin!! We love the SILKBALANCE and would recommend it to anyone. Gary and Dyanne. Boise, ID

  • Seabolt


    Love it!

  • Ceibrasse


    I love SilkBalance and what it does for my spa water, NEVER dries out my skin!

  • Rondo


    My husband and I love to have Happy Hour in our hot tub. But the previous products used ruined the experience. Our eyes burned and our skin was itchy. My girlfriend encouraged me to try out SilkBalance, as she and her husband have been using it for years and love it. We agree! SilkBalance is […]

  • Nash


    Nothing like relaxing in our spa with the kids watching sports on the TV. The silk balance formula is amazing! The pulse of the jets combined with the softness of the water makes us feel like we’ve had a professional massage. Our skin feels so smooth and fresh after relaxing in our spa. I’ve tried […]

  • Sallee


    I though.. well this can’t really work.. I’ve been adjusting and readjusting chemicals and additives for 16 years to keep our hot tub balanced for the most part. SilkBalance seemed too easy, but decided to give it a try. It works – it really works.

  • Oelschlager


    Our family really enjoys Silk Balance in our hot tub. This includes my 12 year old daughter Erin show in the picture attached. As see says, “its dreamy”.

  • Sienaert


    Thank you so much silk balance. I have never been able to enjoy the tub before due to my sensitive skin but thanks to your amazing product I get to reheat in my tub and melt away our cold northern Canada winters. Thanks again.

  • Ghareeb


    We love to relax in our new Dynasty hot tub on a snowy, winter day especially with Silk Balance in the tub! When we got our new hot tub, the pros at Watson’s recommend it. The water is so silky and our skin feels so smooth when we get out. Silk Balance is easy to […]

  • Barkyoumb


    I have just purchased another spa and was introduced to Silk Balance. I love the product. It is so easy to keep my spa in check and is so good for the skin… Here in Vermont the winters are long and dry… Silk Balance leaves the skin smooth.. And is so easy to help maintain […]

  • Humphreys


    Husbands skin issues cleared up with this product, so we have fantastic leisure time now.

  • Cottle


    Using Silk Balance to control our hot tub chemicals has been very easy as well as being gentle on our skin. Our other friends with hot tub struggle with both of those “problems” (for them).

  • Kinsey


    When we received our new hot tub we started using silk balance and just love it. We use to use chlorine only and our skin would itch when we got out of the hot tub. But now with silk balance the water is so soft and our skin feels so much better when we get […]

  • Porter


    We really enjoy your SilkBalance product! It is easy to use and feels great on our skin. This product saves us valuable time.

  • Calcanis


    Being new at owning a hot tub, we were unsure and hesitant about trying new products on it. It was recommended to try Silk Balance, as a simple and optimal way to treat our hot tub. It has been 6 months now and we have already changed the water once. We have absolutely loved the […]

  • Morgan


    Since purchasing our spa 7 years ago we have tried a variety of products. My husband has very sensitive skin and allergic reactions to many things. Because of this we experienced a lot of disappointment because he was not able to use the spa, and we had all but decided we would have to get […]

  • pasquale


    We purchased our 1st spa from Coral Isle Pools and Spas in September 2014. We trust what the folks there have to tell us in regards to maintaining our spa and what the “Diamond” products are for our spa. Silkbalance was what the folks there told us was a must have and they couldn’t have […]

  • Steinbach


    Since I switched to Silk Balance it has been so refreshing and comfortable that even my wife is considering the hot tub experience. Chlorine presence is so minimal and the prior skin effects from chlorine have been eliminated.

  • Slavik


    We started using Silk Balance when we got our spa last year and will definitely continue to use it! It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and not dried out like other products tend to do. Thank you Silk Balance!

  • Jones


    This product is very easy to use and makes it simple to maitain our spa. I

  • Wielenga


    We love the ease of SilkBalance Spa Water Care System in our home Spa. Myself and my family can feel the difference in our skin after using SilkBalance in our Spa. The only thing we do not care for is SilkBalance can sometimes leave a little bit of a musty odor on the Spa cover.

  • ROSE


    I think our spa water feels better with silk balance and it’s also a bit easier to maintain.

  • Rodriguez


    I love this stuff and it keeps my tub balance.

  • Riggins


    After 20 years with chlorine and dry skin, we discovered Silk Balance thanks to the Salesman at Gannon Pools and Spas! No more dry skin or smell, easier to keep clean spa, and low maintenance. We use our spa daily in the winter months, below freezing, so low maintenance is a must. Thanks for a […]

  • Nielsen


    Silk Balance is amazing. I began using it about two years ago and it saves me so much time and work testing and trying to get the chemicals correct. It also keeps the water and hot tub nice and sparkly clean. I don’t have any bacteria buildup or foaming. I only need to change the […]

  • Scheef


    We struggled with our Hot Tub staying clean & could not keep it odor free. We came across SilkBalance by a friends recommendation & so pleased. We can use our Hot Tub now without being embarrassed by the cloudy water, odor & use of a lot of chemicals. Thank you!!! Marlynn Scheef

  • Gallagher


    Silk balance has taken the guesswork of balancing chemicals. Love it!’

  • Murdoch


    As first time hot tub owners, we love the simplicity of Silk Balance to maintain a clean and clear hot tub that’s ready for our family to use and enjoy!

  • Geese


    Just replaced an older tub and wanted to get on an easier maintenance program. The dealer where we purchased our new tub recommended SilkBalance and love it – using so much fewer harsh chemicals then our previous program. We use our tub every night so very happy that it is so much easier on my […]

  • Penn


    We can definitely notice a difference after starting the Silk Balance. I didn’t start using it right away until my PH was correct. Now I wont be able to stop since my skin feels so much better from the Silk Balance.

  • everhart


    I’ve been using Silk Balance for 2 years now, and wouldn’t use anything else. Low order leaves skin feeling soft, no harsh chemical smell, super easy to use just once a week dose and your good.

  • Scheef


    Love the clean fresh water & how a persons skin feels when you get out.

  • Webster


    I love this product! Have been using it for a short while now and it’s awesome to just pour in and be done. No test strips. No balancing everything.

  • Hopkins


    We love our new Hot Springs spa and use it everyday. Since adding Silk Balance to the water we have noticed how clear and silky the water feels. Using Silk Balance makes maintaining the water quality so easy. Thank you.

  • Pugmire


    We have loved how easy it is to maintain our Spa with Silk Balance. We also love the feeling of the water, after using Silk Balance. We have recommend this product to friends and neighbors. We bought our spa from Bullfrog Spas of Layton/Ogden/Logan. Shout out to them, for the great customer service that they […]

  • aldrich


    I like Silk because it makes my skin feel great and the water feels wonderful also. I would highly recommend any hot tub owner use Silk on their tub.



    I have been using the Silk Balance products for over a year. Starting with the cleaner to purge my system. I noticed from the start why they call if Silk Balance. My water from my house is heavy in minerals and Silk Balance softened my water considerably. Love the product!

  • John


    I have owned a Bullfrog Spa for about five years. During that time I have experimented with all kinds of chemicals with not a lot of success. Two years ago I purchased my first bottle of Silk Balance and will never use anything but Silk Balance. If you keep up on your PH level, one […]

  • Held


    After using Silk Balance, I find the water softer (silky), and it does seem to keep the water chemistry (pH, OH) from changing (in balance). So I guess the name sums up what it does. I am satisfied with the results, and will continue to use this product.

  • Davis


    Every hot tub owner should try SilkBalance! My husband and I started off using floating bromine cartridges in our new hot tub and I couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to switch to SilkBalance. It’s simple to use, keeps water crystal clean and feels silky smooth on your skin. My husband use to […]

  • Seabolt


    Love it

  • Quick


    We love Silk Balence. Makes the water feel great!

  • Lampe


    I recently switched over to silk from baqua spa and I couldn’t be happier. I found myself changing my water once every couple of months because my water would get cloudy and I would be dumping more chemicals into the water to get it clear. I could tell a big difference when I got into […]

  • Shaw


    I have had silk for about 2 months and we love it! It came with our new hot tub and we couldn’t be happier. I love how silk makes my skin feel when I get out of the hot tub. I love that it is super easy to use by only putting in silk once […]

  • Harder


    As a father of three, one of my favourite activities is spending time in the hot tub with my kids. Silk Balance makes managing the chemicals an easy job and I feel good about having the whole family spending time in the water. Less maintenance = more time to enjoy 😉

  • Lovelette


    I LOVE Silk Balance…(and my Silkie, Mae-Mae West). Silk Balance has changed life in the hot tub…no more dry skin and harsh odors. We had practically stopped using the hot tub until we discovered Silk Balance. It is an amazing product and is almost too good to be true. I never dreamed a hot tub […]

  • West


    After using bromine in our old spa, we bought a new one and have used Silk Balance. It is everything as advertised. We love the ease of upkeep compared to the old way and the lack of odor since our spa is in our family room. The water is always clear without many chemicals. love […]

  • Johnston


    My second bottle of SilkBalance…..I’ve doubled my spa usage and tripled the enjoyment. I will never use anything else!



    Re: Silk Balance This picture was taken during quite the winter storm hat hit Boise this weekend. May sob story is that I had to shovel my way to my spa. Sniff. Though, once I got there, I didn’t ever want to get out! I just started using Silk Balance, and I love how clear […]

  • Donna Luck (Fort St. James, BC, Canada)

    Donna Luck (Fort St. James, BC, Canada)

    We love the SilkBalance! The water feels silky and soft and there aren’t any strong chemical smells. It’s gentle enough for our grandchildren and us to.

  • Spriet


    We bought our Bullfrog Spa three years ago. I changed to the Silk Balance that we bought at Bullfrog Spas of Ogden a year and a half ago. I always had trouble balancing the chemicals before but since using the Silk Balance, it is so easy.

  • Felice


    Silk balance has made a big difference in the overall water chemical levels. It makes the whole process of water level balancing a breeze!

  • Jamie Osmolinski (Caledonia, Mich.)

    Jamie Osmolinski (Caledonia, Mich.)

    SilkBalance takes out all the work of balancing the tub! Water is smooth and no stinky chlorine smell. I love this product! Click Here to Watch a SilkBalance Video Testimonial From Another Happy Customer

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