• Justin Phelps (Englewood, Colo.)

    Justin Phelps (Englewood, Colo.)

    SilkBalance is wonderful. It makes our skin really soft. One week my husband forgot and I could tell immediate when I got out. It really makes a difference.

  • Paul Dreher (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Paul Dreher (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    We are extremely happy with SilkBalance. The way our skin feels when we are out of the hot tub compared to our other friends hot tubs is noticeable different. Our skin does not feel dry or itchy. We also don’t have that strong chlorine smell as well. Our water looks clear and inviting at all […]

  • William Ashe (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    William Ashe (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    SilkBalance has made a huge difference in water clarity and has a pleasant smell. Now the whole family can enjoy the hot tub. What a great product!

  • Children Hot Tub SilkBalance

    Tamara Chase (Farmington, Utah)

    Tamara Chase (Farmington, Utah)

    After years of failing to balance our spa chemicals resulting in frequent corroded and broken parts, we switched to SilkBalance. It is now simple to keep the spa chemicals balanced, and the spa always feels and smells great. Thank you SilkBalance for a great product and Bullfrog Spas for your recommendation.

    Children Hot Tub SilkBalance
  • Jim Thomas (Clinton, Utah)

    Jim Thomas (Clinton, Utah)

    Love our Bullfrog spa and SilkBalance. It’s so easy and makes having a hot tub a wonderful experience. Our skin feels soft and the water stays great for a long time.

  • The Simkowiaks (Plain City, Utah)

    The Simkowiaks (Plain City, Utah)

    We have been using SilkBalance for more than a year. We switched from another treatment process. We are completely thrilled with the ease of using the SilkBalance hot tub conditioner. The water is always crystal clear and inviting with no noticeable odor. We never have pH problems and everything else seems to stay right in balance.

  • Judy Schuster (Mercer Island, Wash.)

    Judy Schuster (Mercer Island, Wash.)

    We love SilkBalance. So easy to use and our skin feels great. Wonderful product!

  • Craig & Shelli Wilcox

    Craig & Shelli Wilcox

    We have used SilkBalance in our spa since the day we bought it a little over a year ago. I love how silky the water feels and how clean and clear the water looks. We have been on vacation in the past and gotten off schedule with our water treatments and we noticed a big […]

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