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Published : September 22, 2019

When preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan, I purchased a Bullfrog Spa from our neighborhood dealer to help the wife relax while I was away. The original chemicals were so complex that we felt like we were back in high school chemistry again. When our dealer changed to a treatment that was dead simple, we went with it and have never regretted it.

We bought both our spa and SilkBalance from Bullfrog Spas of Layton/Ogden/Logan and have never been happier.

SilkBalance Ambassador Trent Gunnarson of North Ogden, Utah

SilkBalance Ambassador Trent Gunnarson of Utah

During the past couple decades, spa manufacturers have been making luxury items with higher levels of craftsmanship, more advanced designs, better quality components and other improvements. Today, innovations, designs and technologies continue to attract buyers to these backyard oases with all the advancements companies have made in spa features and benefits.

But while it may be the bells and whistles that initially attract many homeowners to spas, it’s the experiences they have in the hot tub water that determine how often they return to their relaxing retreat. It’s a simple proposition – if people enjoy their spa water, their hot tub gets re-used. And if they don’t, it gets retired.

SilkBalance has taken notice and developed products with the goal of making hot tub water care easier for consumers. While hot tub manufacturers have placed an increased focus on high-tech accessories, SilkBalance is focusing on products that work easily, effectively and quickly. These spa water care innovations are positively shaping the future of the hot tub industry. Let’s look at some spa water care products that SilkBalance has launched over the past 10+ years and how they are affecting the quality of spa water for consumers.

SilkBalance Gems

Award-Winning SilkBalance Gems Make Great Spa Water Easy

SilkBalance was one of the first spa water care companies to follow in the footsteps of the dishwasher and laundry detergent companies that have converted their liquid and granular soaps into dissolvable packets. Consumers have come to expect convenience and a once-a-week chemical maintenance products such as SilkBalance Gems work quickly and easily with no mess, no measuring and no maintenance. Bathers simply toss one SilkBalance Gem in their balanced spa water and the result is crystal-clear, odor-free spa water that leaves your skin feeling silky and soft. SilkBalance Gems are compatible with ALL SANITIZERS. Whether you prefer chlorine, bromine, salt or other sanitizers, the SilkBalance Gems will keep your pH and alkalinity balanced while neutralizing odors and the harshness often associated with chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.

SilkBalance Gems are a great innovation that works toward making the spa experience better for spa owners. And SilkBalance Gems work toward keeping the spa water levels where they need to be for clean, comfortable water and a better hot tubbing experience.SilkBalance Gems Best Green Product For Spas and Hot Tubs

Water chemistry always will be of paramount importance in hot tubs, so when the maintenance program can be minimized via the scientifically proven and trusted methods that SilkBalance has implemented for more than 10 years, that leaves more time for people to reap the health and wellness benefits of their spas. Imagine spending less time with chemicals and more time enjoying the spa you purchased. It’s a win-win scenario for consumers because SilkBalance Gems helps to remove the complexities often associated with water chemistry.

When you keep the correct amount of sanitizer in the water and pair it with SilkBalance Gems – a pre-measured, dissoluble water conditioner that you simply toss and go – great water doesn’t get any easier than that. You don’t have to handle harsh chemicals and shock as often as was necessary in the old days of hot tubbing.  People have gained confidence in single-dose products that are pre-packaged in part because they eliminate the need for measuring and remove the potential for spilling while concurrently offering speed and convenience.

SilkBalance Gems Provide Green Benefits for the Environment

Kaylah Ruscigno shows you how easy SilkBalance is to use

WATCH a SilkBalance expert explain how easy SilkBalance Gems are to use.

As a result of SilkBalance Gems entering the spa industry, a positive side effect has created a bit of a green movement. SilkBalance has won awards for its contributions to simple and eco-friendly spa water chemistry because our products are not very harsh and fall into a greener category of alternative spa water care. SilkBalance Gems won first place for the Best Green Product during a recent international industry spa and hot tub show. 

SilkBalance’s award-winning dissolvable Gems, that help keep your water balanced and soft, and SilkBalance’s proven plumbing line cleaner called Clean Start, that eradicates Biofilm and other gunk buildup, allow your spa water to last longer when they are used in conjunction with each other. When your spa water lasts longer, you don’t have to drain and refill as often as in years past. Considering many spas approach 500 gallons (1,900 litres) and when you realize that according to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals there are more than 5.8 million households with spas in the United States alone, that’s a lot of water savings.

SilkBalance Gems were invented with input from certified chemists. It’s an innovation that really works toward taking the uncertainty of spa water care almost entirely out of your hands. You don’t want to be overburdened by acting like weekend chemists at home anyway. Don’t use a plethora of harsh products that you are unfamiliar – especially if you have not seen the results you want. SilkBalance hot tub ambassadors have lauded SilkBalance Gems and Clean Start because they are realizing the buoyancy benefits of spas – without the headache of overClean Start by SilkBalance purges your hot tub plumbingbearing water care. More and more people are noticing that they can own a spa without holding a certified degree in chemistry. Hot tubs offer unique wellness and health aids and easy water care maintenance innovations from SilkBalance are helping hot tub owners reach their desired results in more convenient fashions.

Prior to these advancements in water care, it was commonplace for you to purchase a large amount of chemicals in various bottles that required constant measuring, pouring and testing. It was up to you to figure out how to attain – and then consistently keep – acceptable spa water levels. Balanced water is defined as: pH 7.2 to 7.6, Alkalinity 80 to 120, Hardness 100 to 250 and Free Chlorine 3 to 5 (or Bromine 4 to 6, or Salt 2 to 4).

Now, you can combine your choice of sanitizer with SilkBalance Gems dissolvable water conditioning packets and your pH will remain steady, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing soak in a hot tub full of soft-feeling water that doesn’t smell like chemicals and won’t leave your skin dry or itchy. To maximize the benefits of your spa, you will want to keep your water temperature plus/minus 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) and keep up with your sanitizer (chlorine, bromine or salt) which is necessary to eliminate bacteria, organic matter and microbes that are introduced into the water by bathers soaking in the hot tub.

While enjoying your spa’s water, don’t forget you want it to be good, clean and clear so that it provides the best possible results. It’s important to realize the more you use it, the quicker the sanitizer will be exhausted. Also, if you don’t want to smell these chemicals while relaxing in your therapy seats, simply toss in one SilkBalance Gem weekly and these gems will neutralize that for you. And if you don’t want your skin splashing in what feels like a vat of harsh chemicals with every passing second, SilkBalance Gems are a non-harsh additive that effectively soften your water and leave your skin feeling smooth, not dry. SilkBalance Gems also help protect the components that generate your jet streams, helping them operate at peak capacity thereby conserving energy and lasting longer and without fail – another green benefit.

No matter why you use your spa, don’t forget to replace the cover when the hot tub is not in use. This protects your great spa water from the elements and aids in water quality. Finally, when it eventually becomes time to drain and refill, use Clean Start plumbing line cleaner to remove the buildup of organic deposit that you can’t see in the plumbing lines. Biofilm could be clogging your jet streams, so purge it in less than an hour and start clean and fresh with your next refill.

People like spas for their versatility, health benefits and potential for year-round usage as a temperature-controlled wellness retreat. The future of water care is here now thanks to products such as SilkBalance Gems and Clean Start, so let these great after-market options in water chemistry help you treat the water right so you can indulge.

By Eric Vician
Director of Promotions & Key Accounts

Eric Vician of SilkBalance Hot Tub Water Care



EDITOR’S NOTE: Excerpts from this blog originally appeared in Pool & Spa Marketing Magazine in an article written by SilkBalance. For a list of articles SilkBalance has contributed to the magazine and for more water care FAQs, visit:




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