Swim Spas Deserve Great Water Too, SilkBalance Can Help

Published : September 30, 2019

SilkBalance in Swim Spas


We have a swim spa that used a lot of chlorine but with the SilkBalance the spa feels better. I like the way the water makes my skin feel when I get out of the spa. Using less chemicals because of the SilkBalance helps the expense of running my swim spa which makes spending the money of the SilkBalance worth the cost. – KYLE HUGHES, Grand Island, Neb.


Baby boomers are drawn to the buoyancy benefits. Homeowners who don’t have the luxury of spacious backyards love the compact size. And world class athletes such as triathletes can practice via a more practical training routine.


Swim spas have become the perfect pool / spa / gym triumvirate. SilkBalance and SilkBalance Gems can help improve the swim spa water, the swimmer’s experience in the water and the components that make the swim spa operate.


More and more people are noticing that you can have your spa and swim in it too. While swim spas are SilkBalance Gemsnot a new concept, dating back more than three decades of existence, these water vessels are unique in the health and wellness benefits they offer. Depending on the size and type of swim spa you have (or want to have) and the main method by which you use your swim spa, there are some water care and maintenance considerations you should implement to obtain your desired results.


Let’s peek at how swim spas fit into the pool and spa industry and the role these increasingly popular standalone units play in your lifestyle with an eye toward how easy the water care can be for these larger than spa size units.



The SilkBalance Formula for Swim Spa Enjoyment


SilkBalance and SilkBalance Gems will balance your pH and alkalinity, leave your skin feeling soft, remove the harsh odors of your chlorine/bromine/salt sanitizer and protect your pumps, jets and other components. It has worked in spas and hot tubs for more than a decade and it will work the same way in your swim spa. Here’s how:


How Many SilkBalance Gems Does My Swim Spa Need? Here’s the formula:


TOTAL SWIM SPA GALLONS / (Divided By) 500 = X number of SilkBalance Gems

Example: 1,500 / 500 = 3 SilkBalance Gems

                            Dissolvable SilkBalance GemDissolvable SilkBalance Gem

Dissolvable SilkBalance Gem

Or if you prefer the liquid SilkBalance, 4 ounces will thoroughly condition 500 gallons of water so a 1,500-gallon swim spa takes 12 ounces of SilkBalance weekly.


Consumers like swim spas because they are medium size bodies of water that hit their comfort zones perfectly. Think about it, spas rarely hold more than 500 gallons of water (1,900 litres) while private in ground pools can reach more than 40,000 gallons (151,000 litres). Most swim spas range between 1,500 and 2,500 gallons (5,700-9,500 litres). Spanning an average of 8 feet wide by 11-20 feet long, swim spas are right in the middle of the marketplace.


It wasn’t until recent years that the pool and spa industry has paid any attention to the medium size swim spas. According to a 2015 survey, only 44 percent of hot tub retailers carried swim spas, but that number has grown as spa manufacturers have delved into some bold investments in swim spas. In 2010, Master Spas started a partnership with 23-time gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps and developed a signature line of swim spas bearing his name. In 2015, Watkins Manufacturing announced it acquired Endless Pools. That same year, Artesian and Marquis launched new swim spa models. In 2017, Jacuzzi Brands LLC acquired Hydropool partly because of its strong swim spa background and LPI Inc. copied that business model by scooping up Premium Leisure for its existing swim spa market share.


How Swim Spas Fit in Your Backyard

Swim Spa with SilkBalance in it

A crane notwithstanding, swim spas complement your vision for a backyard luxury oasis in various ways, so it’s important to understand the main reason you want one, so you can accommodate the easiest water care and maintenance programs.


Retirees with disposable income are helping the swim spa explosion because they understand the benefits of water aerobics, however they would prefer not to sign up for a class held in public pools. Customers in their 60s, enjoy the buoyancy of the water because it takes away approximately 90 percent of the stress that normally would be placed on the body while performing the same types of exercises. Baby Boomers tend to like the smaller size swim spas, that they can keep at slightly warmer temperatures that resemble more of a spa and less of a swimming pool. To them, it’s the perfect place to bounce back from back, hip or knee surgery. They also tend to gravitate toward the adjustable therapy jets, many available in standing positions, that aid in relieving aches and pains.

On the other end of the spectrum, and the swim spa itself, sits the benefits of swimming, which are attainable whether you are a triathlete in training or just somebody who enjoys splashing in a constant and convenient current. Triathletes easily can find open roads or trails by which to run and bike, but it’s the swimming leg of the competition that is the most difficult to train for. In an ideal situation, these athletes need open water to swim the 1.5-kilometer (just less than 1 mile) portion of a triathlon. Olympic size public pools are often crowded and involve too many flips and laps necessary to reach the long distance. Either way, the athlete needs to travel to the location to practice swimming. Swim spas solve this dilemma for them.


Unlike soaking in a spa, it’s not fun to swim in bubbling hot water. Swimmers will want to find a temperate option that is enjoyable and healthy on the body – usually plus/minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius).



While most swim spas share the same body of water, giving you a choice between the warmer therapy benefits and the cooler swimming benefits, many manufacturers offer models that feature dual temperature zones. The benefit of this is you don’t have to seek out the optimum middle temperature, you can have a separate hot tub and swimming pool at temperatures 20 degrees apart.


Whichever method you choose to enjoy your swim spa, don’t forget you want good, clean, clear water in it to provide the best possible results. It’s important to realize the more you use it, the quicker the sanitizer will be exhausted. Also, if you don’t want to smell these chemicals while relaxing in the therapy side of your unit, consider adding SilkBalance or SilkBalance Gems that will neutralize that for you. And if you don’t want your skin splashing in what feels like a vat of harsh chemicals with every swim stroke, SilkBalance will effectively soften your water and leave your skin feeling smooth, not dry. SilkBalance also can protect the components that generate your jet streams, helping them operate at peak capacity and last longer without fail.

No matter why you want a swim spa, you still will likely need to rent a crane to move it into place onto a flat surface capable of bearing a load of 200 pounds per square foot. For many consumers, this process still supersedes a long excavation and construction timeframe for in-ground pools. The result is a swim spa sitting in their backyard for an average price of $20,000+ versus a $40,000+ investment for an in-ground pool that doesn’t offer the same convenience nor wellness options.

Two final tips for your swim spa. Be sure to consider a retractable cover or multi-section cover that not only protects your water from the elements and aids in water quality, but also is easy to remove. Finally, don’t forget to drain and refill when needed and when you do, use a plumbing line cleaner such as Clean Start to remove the buildup that you can’t see in the lines. Bio gunk could be clogging your jet streams, so purge it and start clean with your next refill.


People like swim spas for their versatility, health benefits and potential for year-round usage as a temperature-controlled wellness retreat. Let SilkBalance and SilkBalance Gems help you treat the water right so you can indulge.


By Eric Vician
Director of Promotions & Key Accounts

Eric Vician of SilkBalance Hot Tub Water Care





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