Turning Daylight Savings into a Feel Good Time. Here’s How …

Published : March 10, 2020

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Now that we have sprung forward an hour on the clock thanks to the Daylight Savings change, it’s time to consider what that extra amount of evening sunlight means for you as a hot tub owner. Why not take the time to use this change as a mental health break for you? You deserve it! So, while you are saving the energy in your house, here’s how you can boost the energy in your body simply by relaxing in your spa:



You know that rejuvenating feeling you get when you are sunbathing poolside or on your favorite beach? It’s because your skin is releasing endorphins in response to the sun hitting your skin. That same feeling can be duplicated with a soothing hot water soak in your spa.


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Science tells us that a relaxing dip in your hot tub leads to a natural chemical reaction in your body that makes you feel good. This is because according to multiple studies – including one in 2017 by the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine at Loughborough University in the UK – the body releases natural chemicals called endorphins as a direct result of merely getting into your spa and enjoying the bubbling hot water.


You have earned the right to feel invigorated after coming out of the human hibernation we call Daylight Savings. Sure you “lost” an hour of sleep over the weekend, but you “gained” more evening sunlight which means there’s no excuse not to walk the dog after work or go for that jog you’ve been putting off. Ask a distance runner about endorphin releases, and they will tell you about a feel good phenomenon called runner’s high – that usually occurs after two hours of running according to Runner’s World Magazine. We get it, you don’t have two hours to go for a run – especially after losing an hour and because not many people can run for that long. So instead, grab your dog (or a significant other would work too) and stroll around the block. When you’re done, hop in your hot tub for a few minutes and re-energize mentally. Enjoying your hot tub will promote the release of endorphins which is our bodies’ natural way of dealing with pain and stress.

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Daylight Savings SilkBalance

While you are in your spa reaping the natural endorphin benefits, you can think about transferring some of your home’s energy savings into your own well being. Turn the light bulb on in your mind, instead of your living room and soak up some natural energy and store it like your own personal feel good battery.

In addition to relishing that great feeling, you can relax knowing that science also has proven there’s many other benefits of your hot tub. Spas provide positive wellness benefits such as improved breathing, due to the increased lung capacity and oxygen intake. They also help lower your blood pressure – all because of the innate health benefits of hot water.

And while you’re improving yourself in your hot tub, you also can improve your hot tub water with another scientifically proven water care accessory – SilkBalance Gems. Just toss one in weekly and your endorphin-releasing, hot tub soak can take place in crystal clear, odor free water.

With Spring Break on the horizon, now is the time to get in your hot tub and start the mental health season. Increase your blood flow to the skin. Release those endorphins and feel good – naturally.

By Eric Vician
Director of Promotions & Key Accounts

Eric Vician of SilkBalance Hot Tub Water Care




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