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    Lois Bourinskie (Oregon)

    Lois Bourinskie (Oregon)

    I love the convenience of using SilkBalance. The water stays crystal clear without using lots of smelly chemicals. My skin feels great after using the hot tub and the water does not irritate the delicate skin of my grandchildren, who have skin conditions. My dog, Chloe, agrees and is a happy customer!

  • Jennifer Cunningham (Logan, Utah)

    Jennifer Cunningham (Logan, Utah)

    Lovin’ our SilkBalance, love how easy it is to use. And keeps our hot tub crystal clear

  • SilkBalance

    Anthony Schultz (St. Charles, Mo.)

    Anthony Schultz (St. Charles, Mo.)

    Our family has sensitive skin and prior to SilkBalance we routinely has skin issues. We’ve noticed a big difference since we began using SilkBalance and are able to enjoy our spa more frequently. Sincerely, Anthony Schultz

  • Tennille Mohr (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Tennille Mohr (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    We all love this product, it’s been so nice on the skin. Glad we switched!!

  • Daphne Heinzman (Paden City, WV)

    Daphne Heinzman (Paden City, WV)

    Love the product. Keeps my spa crystal clear just like Caribbean water! Would never use another product. My girls say, “Thank you SilkBalance!”

  • Mark Aker (Edmonds, Wash.)

    Mark Aker (Edmonds, Wash.)

    We just bought a new hot tub and were introduced to SilkBalance from the dealer. We were skeptical as to whether it would work. We were pleasantly surprised with the clean, clear water and our skin is not as dry as without it! Thanks SilkBalance!

  • Eugene Spitzley (Westphalia, Mich.)

    Eugene Spitzley (Westphalia, Mich.)

    I like SilkBalance for a few reasons: it’s easier to use, it feels softer on my skin, and it doesn’t smell strong like our previous brand. My nieces are enjoying it too! Thank you!

  • Jessica Fiedor (Wixom, Mich.)

    Jessica Fiedor (Wixom, Mich.)

    We had problems with cloudy water in our new spa. After draining and refilling it twice, we decided to try SilkBalance. We have not had any cloudy water since! It is amazing. Our skin doesn’t feel dried out after using our tub, there is no chlorine smell, and we don’t have to add chemicals every […]

  • Tangela Boggiano (Muskegan, Mich.)

    Tangela Boggiano (Muskegan, Mich.)

    We are new owners of a spa and our water was cloudy on the 4th day. We added chemicals, tested it, and just couldn’t clear it up. We bought SilkBalance on day 5 of owning the spa and it has cleared up quickly and it looks amazing! Less chemical usage and silky, moisturized skin is […]

  • Angela Halverson (Spring Grove, Minn.)

    Angela Halverson (Spring Grove, Minn.)

    We love SilkBalance! It makes caring for our hot tub so easy – there is no “mad scientist” mixing or guessing. You just add it as scheduled and there are no worries! In the picture are my daughter, Ellie Mae and her friend Kennedy. Our hot tub was definitely an investment. I have rheumatoid arthritis […]

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