• Mike Booker (Jacksonville, Florida)

    Mike Booker (Jacksonville, Florida)

    My first soak and I LOVE it! Soft and silky beats the harsh chlorine & stinky/ cloudy bromine all day, every day! Thank you SilkBalance!

  • Andy Stadtlander (West Des Moines, Iowa)

    Andy Stadtlander (West Des Moines, Iowa)

    We really enjoy how well our skin feels after using the SilkBalance product in our Hot Spring Tempo. We got our new hot tub (we are first time hot tub owners) In August 2014 and were really unsure of how to maintain the chemicals. The SilkBalance system is so easy, just pour it in once […]

  • Anna Worthen (Syracuse, Utah)

    Anna Worthen (Syracuse, Utah)

    I love SilkBalance! I won’t use anything else.I love how after I get out of my spa I can get straight into bed without taking a shower because I don’t feel icky, my skin feels and smells amazing.

  • Greg Kirkpatrick (Arp, Texas)

    Greg Kirkpatrick (Arp, Texas)

    I was having a reaction to the spa chemicals I was using, which was limiting my enjoyment of and (of course) my time in it. I began to think that I would never be able to be in it again. When I discovered SilkBalance at my dealer, I decided to give it a try. I […]

  • Lorene Kaukl (Puyallup, Wash.)

    Lorene Kaukl (Puyallup, Wash.)

    This is our first hot tub and man is it getting a workout. We just love it, rain or shine. I expected tons of chemicals and water balancing but it’s been exceptionally easy. Our rep said it’s because of SilkBalance. I expect she’s right.

  • James BARTOLINO (Meridian, Idaho)

    James BARTOLINO (Meridian, Idaho)

    My wife and I have problems with dermatitis and eczema which has caused to seriously curtail our time in the spa. We have tried changing chemicals and cutting back the temperature without much success. Corean recommended Silk Balance and after two weeks we have noticed a real difference and have been able to use the […]

  • Catherine Leahy (Bradford, Ontario, Canada)

    Catherine Leahy (Bradford, Ontario, Canada)

    SilkBalance has made having a busy life and taking care of my spa so easy. I never have to worry about testing water and balancing chemicals and can just enjoy my spa and relax after a busy day of running my business.

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