• Barb Humphreys (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Barb Humphreys (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    We have always developed rashes with other water chemical systems, but since using SilkBalance, we can finally enjoy rash-free hottub time . . . this product has given us a chance to enjoy once again!

  • Don Michmerhuizen (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

    Don Michmerhuizen (Grand Rapids, Mich.)

    Never been more pleased with the product ! Hot tub has never been better. I would recommend every one at least try it. You will be amazed at how clean and refreshing your tub will be!!

  • SIlkBalance

    Drew Halvorson (Omaha, Neb.)

    Drew Halvorson (Omaha, Neb.)

    I managed a pool and did pool and spa maintenance for 9 years and SilkBalance is better than anything I’ve ever used, no chemical smells!

  • Ken Simmons (Creedmoor, N.C.)

    Ken Simmons (Creedmoor, N.C.)

    We’ve had our hot tub for about two years now. The first year we were using other chemicals. The water was always cloudy, our skin was dry and felt like there was a film on it once we used the hot tub. We hated using the hot tub! Once we tried SilkBalance, we were in […]

  • I love SilkBalance in my spa

    MJ Sanquist (Sammamish, Wash.)

    MJ Sanquist (Sammamish, Wash.)

    Hi, if it were not for SilkBalance in our hot tub, I most likely would not use the hot tub as often as I do. My favorite time to use the tub is right before bed. Without the use of SilkBalance my skin has been too dry and I had to lather a lot of […]

    I love SilkBalance in my spa
  • Kurt Kenney (Brandon, Vt.)

    Kurt Kenney (Brandon, Vt.)

    We replaced our hot tub a year ago and started using SilkBalance. Our water has been crystal clear ever since to the point that I forget to even change the water. It is very easy to use, no odor, the water has almost a pure clean quality. The bottle design with the dispensing cap is […]

  • SilkBalance

    Tyson Hall (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Tyson Hall (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Love how easy my SilkBalance is to use. No harsh chemical smells and get my hot tub smooth and clean.

  • Lawrence Zeidman (Seattle)

    Lawrence Zeidman (Seattle)

    SilkBalance is amazingly easy to use and feel very secure that our hot tub is always ready to enjoy. Also, cool shape of the bottle.

  • Ellen Reason (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    Ellen Reason (Prince George, BC, Canada)

    I love the ease of use and convenience of SilkBalance. The product is effective; results are outstanding.

  • Tammy Scott (Macomb, Mich.)

    Tammy Scott (Macomb, Mich.)

    I Love SilkBalance. It’s so gentle on my skin, smells great and so easy to balance. It’s made owning a spa so easy to maintain. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s worth every penny.

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