Back to School Stress? Your Hot Tub Can Help!

Published : September 2, 2019

Love the product. Keeps my spa crystal clear just like Caribbean water! Would never use another product. My girls say, “Thank you SilkBalance!” Daphne from Paden City, W.V.

It’s that time of year again, summer is winding down, new school supplies are being bought and day to day routines and sleep patterns are adjusting.
With all these changes, it’s natural for parents and kids alike to feel varying degrees of stress. It’s important to acknowledge this and take time to engage in activities with your kids, family and friends that are proven to help everyone relax and connect.
One of our favorite ways to do this is by making time for a family soak. In your hot tub there are no distractions, everyone leaves the phone alone and you can just sit quietly or share in a conversation. This is a great way to mentally reduce stress.
The physical benefits of a hot water soak will help to release the hormone called dopamine, that helps our bodies naturally fight stress.
Causes of stress can include all the chores that need to be completed around the home. There is yard work, laundry, grocery shopping for school lunches, finding that back to school outfit, the list goes on and on, and one of these include the unnecessary time it can take to manage safe, clean amazing hot tub water.
SilkBalance was developed to take away that cause of stress so you can use your hot tub for all the health and wellness benefits you deserve. We make it so simple, by just tossing in one SilkBalance Gems once per week and you will be able to maintain water that sparkles, smells fresh and balanced.
Back to school also should mean back into the hot tub!

Soak. Relax. Repeat.

Susan Dolnik

Susan Dolnik
Director of Sales and Marketing

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