Do You Know How Much Sanitizer is in your Hot Tub Right Now? The Answer is Important

Published : September 7, 2019


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One of the most important aspects of keeping up with hot tub water care is maintaining the proper sanitizer levels in the waterBest hot tub sanitizer level. So many things can go wrong with your spa water if there isn’t enough sanitizer in the water and bacteria proliferates.

Various sanitizers are available on the market and the good news is that SilkBalance products are compatible with all of them. The choice is yours when it comes to sanitizing your spa – whether you use chlorine, bromine, salt or biguanide. Here’s a quick reference chart for you so you know where your spa water levels should be based on your sanitizer choice.


Hot Tub Sanitizers Work Fast, Disappear Faster

The best way to enjoy the hot tub experience is to maintain the recommended available parts per million of your chosen sanitizer in the hot tub water. Basic test strips reflect these benchmarks with the acceptable color region used to indicate water chemistry levels. It is necessary to monitor and regulate these levels with each spa use.

Hot tub water must always have the recommended level of sanitizer available to keep the water free of harmful bacteria. Why is this important? Consider the following: The organic matter introduced into the water by two bathers during a 20-minute soak can eliminate almost all traces of available sanitizer. There is no sanitizer remaining because it has performed its job of destroying the organic particles introduced into the water by the bathers. This is why the addition of a sanitizer should mirror hot tub usage.

There are simple ways to achieve a consistent sanitizer level. Chlorine and bromine are the most effective chemicals to reduce or kill bacteria in hot tub water. A chlorine generator will convert salt to chlorine, while an ozone system also works well to support sanitization. Floating dispensers, filters, in-line plumbing sticks, granules, liquids, or tablets are all ways of introducing sanitizer into the water. A low/inadequate sanitizer level is a direct link to many problems regarding the inability to achieve clean and clear hot tub water. For example, one common issue is cloudy, odorous water. Shocking the water with a sanitizer can easily solve this problem.

Some common complaints from hot tub owners are the way sanitizers smell or that they are harsh and dry out their skin. In these cases, the use of SilkBalance or SilkBalance Gems will help condition your water by neutralizing the negative side effects often associated with chlorine or bromine.

Hot tub owners should think of routine hot tub water care in similar fashion to washing and conditioning their hair. For instance, shampoo cleans the hair, which is the equivalent to sanitizing the water, while conditioner makes the hair healthy, shiny, easy to manage, and stronger for the future, which is similar to using SilkBalance to condition the water to make it softer and fresher, while also protecting hot tub components from the harsh cleansing.

By Eric Vician
Director of Promotions & Key Accounts

Eric Vician of SilkBalance Hot Tub Water Care



EDITOR’S NOTE: Excerpts from this blog originally appeared in Pool & Spa Marketing Magazine in an article written by SilkBalance. For a list of articles SilkBalance has contributed to the magazine and for more water care FAQs, visit:


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