“Don’t be Sleepless in Seattle” – How SilkBalance Helps You Get a Better Night’s Sleep – Every Night

Published : August 1, 2019

“Hi, if it were not for SilkBalance in our hot tub, I most likely would not use the hot tub as often as I do. My favorite time to use the tub is right before bed. Without the use of SilkBalance my skin has been too dry and I had to lather a lot of lotion before bed in order to alleviate the dryness. SilkBalance leaves my skin soft and smooth. I do not feel the need to even use lotion once I get out of the tub. I sleep better after a soak at night and SilkBalance has given me even more reason to enjoy my tub both while in the tub and out of the tub. Thanks for such a fantastic product. It makes me happy!! Smoothly, softly and sincerely, MJ”


I love SilkBalance in my spa

We often hear feedback like MJ’s, a SilkBalance customer in Washington state and this is exactly the experience you deserve, every time you use your hot tub. We all know that sleep is a vital part of living a happy and healthy lifestyle and one of the main benefits of relaxing in hot water is its calming and soothing effects.


It is so important that we do the little and simple things to prepare our bodies for a good quality night’s sleep. That is when we recover from the day that just passed and prepare for tomorrow. One very effective and easy way to do this is to spend 15-20 mins in your hot tub every night. But without sparkling, fresh scented water that is easy to maintain, and when you know will end up having dry skin, you won’t get in your spa.

SilkBalance will make your water and your skin feel soft and will eliminate the need to add harsh chemicals daily or weekly to maintain water balance – all in our safe natural product that is gentle on you and the environment.

Sleep well, feel well, be well.


Susan Dolnik

Susan Dolnik
Director of Sales and Marketing


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