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Published : March 9, 2022










When it comes to making decisions about what products we buy, we want reliable and trustworthy advise. Everything from buying  new running shoes, a new computer lap top, something as simple as a cup of coffee and even a big-ticket purchase like a new car or a hot tub, we rely on a network of opinions and advice that helps us to make the right choice.

A long time ago this meant asking a friend, family member or getting the guidance from an in-store sales person. But now, we literally have the world at our fingertips, thanks our invisible but all knowing friend Google.

Google makes it so easy to get an answer to the unknown or a debated questions or topic and if you are like my family, that happens quite often at the dinner table.

Online opinions and reviews impact everything we do and can influence over 93% of our decisions.

We all want a first hand perspective and experience about the products that we buy, and there is no difference when it comes to Hot Tub Water Care.

We want to know how easy it was to use, was it effective and most importantly is it worth the money.

At SilkBalance we have thousands and thousands of customer reviews on all our products – and we cherish these, because your voice and experience matters to us. And in return for the loyalty and massive global customer following we have, we remain committed to you, your family and your wellness.

Our commitment to you :

The SilkBalance patented formula was developed to give a safe natural alternative and dramatically reduce chemical usage in spas.

We promise to keep our formula 100% Biocide & Pesticide & Ammonia free - safe & gentle for your skin, you and your children.

We have worked hard in the over the past 15 years to be the worlds most trusted and effective simple Hot Tub Water Care.


“This product is most excellent , it’s the best on the market by a country mile for keeping your hot tub water crystal clear and healthy.

This comes highly recommended”

Paul R.







Susan Dolnik

Director, Sales and Marketing

Susan Dolnik







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