This is How a Veteran Enjoys Hot Tubbing

Published : November 12, 2019

SilkBalance Ambassador Trent Gunnarson of North Ogden, Utah VeteranThe SilkBalance team returned from the industry pool and spa show in New Orleans just in time to celebrate and honor military veterans with an extended weekend and a day off yesterday that we hope everyone enjoyed. It was the perfect time to salute your friends and family members who admirably served in the Armed Forces.

In the United States, we call November 11 Veterans Day and in Canada it’s known as Remembrance Day. The poppy remains an enduring symbol of remembrance in Canada, Great Britain, the nations of the Commonwealth, and in the United States for those who served or fell in service of their country. We saw poppies worn on the left lapel (close to the heart) recognizing the sacrifice of soldiers and we also noted teachers making them in class as part of their history lessons.

The day that was originally known as Armistice Day marks the anniversary of the end of World War I because the major hostilities of World War I formally ended on that day in 1918 at the 11th hour when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. Can you imagine if the soldiers were able to recover in hot tubs back then?

We at SilkBalance hope you were able to enjoy a day at the spa – or in your spa – with a nod toward all the veterans who gave many of us the day off. In 1954, major U.S. veteran organizations led a change in the name of the holiday from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. And it was only two years later when the Jacuzzi brothers invented a hydrotherapy pump for bathtubs and the dawn of spas was upon us. Hot tubs have grown in size and popularity ever since.

Now that we shared a quick history lesson in honor of all military veterans everywhere, SilkBalance sends out a warm, heartfelt thank you for all that you have done for our respective countries. We wanted to leave you this week with a quick story that comes directly from a veteran who owns a hot tub and uses SilkBalance in Utah. This is how Trent Gunnarson of North Ogden, Utah (seen above) and his family enjoy hot tubbing:

When preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan, I purchased a Bullfrog Spa from our neighborhood dealer to help the wife relax while I was away. The original chemicals were so complex that we felt like we were back in high school chemistry again. When our dealer changed to a treatment that was dead simple, we went with it and have never regretted it.

We bought both our spa and SilkBalance from Bullfrog Spas of Layton/Ogden/Logan and have never been happier.

Happy Hot Tubbing to all Veterans and Their Families From SilkBalance.

By Eric Vician
Director of Promotions & Key Accounts

Eric Vician of SilkBalance Hot Tub Water Care




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