Don’t Be Fooled: Foamy Hot Tubs Are No Joke

This is a 4-minute Read) Did you hear about the practical joke the kids played on mom and dad by emptying a bottle of bubble bath in the hot tub and waiting for them to turn on the jets? Whether or not we just gave you an April Fools’ day idea, that has happened before. […]

How You Can Promote Your Health and Wellness at Home – Today and Everyday

(This is a 3-minute read with a video at the end designed to cheer you up) Since many people are staying home, their school and work schedules have been disrupted. It doesn’t mean their personal time needs to take a hit in the process. So as parents turn into teachers and older siblings and adult […]

You’re in Luck, There’s Something Magical for Your Spa

(This is a 3-minute read) This St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to make sure you knew there was more to it than all things green. Don’t forget the orange! As in the orange SilkBalance bottle. Some customers refer to it as liquid gold – you know, like a pot of gold at the end of […]