Christopher Moss (Eau Claire, Wisc.)

We recently switched over from a bromine system to SilkBalance. Why didn’t I switch sooner? We love it!! My wife and I can soak two times a day if we want, and our skin doesn’t dry out or even hurt. The water is clearer, we enjoy it longer, and my wife’s eczema doesn’t flare up […]

James DeBoard (St. Louis)

I had stopped using my spa because the bromine scent caused me to cough with every use. Immediately after starting SilkBalance, the scent was gone and I’m enjoying my spa again.

Kevin Nagy (Marysville, Wash.)

SilkBalance keeps your skin smooth and silky. No more dry skin due to hot water. Great product. Easy to use. Thx SilkBalance!

Eric Simpson (Cedar Park, Texas)

I’ve had a spa in the past, and the chemicals were always a challenge to get right. SilkBalance is so simple to maintain it’s not even a chore. Plus, the water feels great–it’s clean, fresh, and not like typical pool or hot tub water. We’ve always found a hot tub relaxing, but with SilkBalance, it’s […]

Martin MacDonald (Mayfield, Ohio)

I just replaced my old tub with a Hot Spring tub with the Ace salt system. Ohio Pools & Spas Highly recommended SilkBalance for my tub. The water feels so fresh and smooth with no odor. The tub water stays balanced – which makes life a lot easier. Great product!!!

Jim VanZee (Michigan)

AMAZING change in our water quality! My wife used to avoid the spa because it made her itch – not any more! I don’t know how it works, but it does. Our spa is more stable, requires fewer chemicals, and feels better than ever.

Amanda Davis (Vicksburg, Mich.)

Every hot tub owner should try SilkBalance! My husband and I started off using floating bromine cartridges in our new hot tub and I couldn’t be happier that we made the decision to switch to SilkBalance. It’s simple to use, keeps water crystal clean and feels silky smooth.

Pat Guay (Renton, Wash.)

SilkBalance has provided a carefree, luxurious and quality hot tubbing experience for our family. The cleanliness of the water and effect on us has been so much better than previous methods. The ease of use in maintaining the tub, using SilkBalance has been an additional stress reliever. Thanks for this wonderful product!

Lorna Cullen (Troy, Mo.)

We hesitated buying a spa due to the maintenance. SilkBalance has made it so easy to maintain a beautiful fresh clean spa. Thank you so much SilkBalance!