Your product is absolute magic! As a new & first-time spa owner, I worried about time-consuming upkeep as far as water chemistry. Unbelievable but true….I need to find something new to fret about! Silk Balance is worth every penny! My spa chemistry is perfect and all it takes is four ounces of this liquid gold and 1Tb. Chlorine each week….we do also add 1-2 Tb. Oxidizer after our divine, daily soak under the stars looking up at our mountainous ridge….pretty heavenly. One last hurrah is how my skin feels after soaking… silk. Silk Balance in my Hot Springs Aria spa has replaced a daily moisturizer for me. You folks have truly developed an A-1 very high quality product….pat yourselves on the back! PS…love my new Silk Balance color down jacket that Santa brought me….see attached photo.