Colin Taylor answers your questions


Colin Taylor answers your questions


SilkBalance | Lead Chemist Colin Taylor

SilkBalance water care expert and lead chemist, Colin Taylor, answers your questions in these short videos below.

You don’t need a water chemistry degree to enjoy your hot tub – that’s what Colin and SilkBalance is for!

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  • Can I wear jewelry in my spa while using SilkBalance?

    Yes. SilkBalance will not tarnish any metal.

  • Why are bubbles forming when I use my spa?

    The formation of bubbles when the water is aerated is most often due to above normal pH (greater than 7.6) and the presence of organic matter in the water. Check the pH and correct if required.

    Alternatively, foamy bubbles could be the result of soaps or detergents coming from bathing suits or shirts worn in the spa. Be sure to rinse bathing attire and your filters before entering the spa. Normal filtration cycles will eventually work to remove residual soap and detergents as long as they are not reintroduced to the water.

  • Is SilkBalance compatible with all salt water systems?

    Yes. SilkBalance will actual help your salt system work less to provide the results you are looking for and allow your cell to last longer.

  • Where should I store SilkBalance and what happens if the bottle freezes?

    SilkBalance can be stored in normal ambient conditions. No special storage is required. Avoid direct sunlight and heat. If the contents freeze, simply thaw and use. Freezing will not affect the formula.

  • Can I fill my spa with soft water while using SilkBalance?

    Yes, soft water can be used to fill your spa, however you do need some hardness so that the basic chemistry has a good foundation. This can range from 25 ppm – 250 ppm depending on the type of sanitizer that you use in your spa. Please contact your SilkBalance retailer or spa manufacturer for the correct hardness range or email us at

  • What can I do about cloudy water?

    SilkBalance will NOT cause cloudy water. Cloudy water most often is caused by microbial contamination. Organic contamination comes from bathers (sweat, body oils, loose skin, cosmetic oils, etc). A sanitizer such as chlorine or bromine should be kept at 3 and 5 ppm. Four bathers using your hot tub for 20 minutes can reduce 5 ppm chlorine to zero. The chlorine must be replaced to keep the water clean and clear.

  • What can I do about spa odors?

    SilkBalance has no odor and actually helps to reduce odors. Make sure your sanitizer levels are kept at 3-5 ppm and let SilkBalance neutralize the smell of your sanitizer.

  • What can I do about black spots on my spa shell?

    SilkBalance will NOT cause spots on your spa shell. If you notice a spots on the shell underwater, this is usually the result of fungi in the water. Good sanitation with chlorine will control this.

    The easiest solution here is to raise the level of chlorine for a short time (super chlorinate) so that the residue will be oxidized and become colorless and end up on your filters. Usually about 10 ppm chlorine will work. Let the chlorine level fall to 3-5 ppm before you use the water (approximately 24-48 hours).

  • Is SilkBalance compatible with soft or vinyl spas?

    Yes. There is nothing in SilkBalance that will negatively affect the vinyl coating of soft spas. You can enjoy SilkBalance in a soft tub just as you would with an acrylic or hard-shell spa.

  • How long does SilkBalance last?

    The SilkBalance formula is very stable and is designed to last a long time. There is no difference in results whether you use SilkBalance right away or if it takes you some time to get through the bottle.

  • Is SilkBalance spa water safe to drain on my yard?

    Water from a spa that has SilkBalance in it can safely be drained anywhere including your grass.

  • What is the best way to clean my filter?

    Regular water flushes with a garden hose or utility sink will go a long way in extending the life of your filter and helping keep your spa water cleaner. SilkBalance also helps extend the life of your filter.

  • What are the best sanitizers to use with SilkBalance?

    For best results, we recommend chlorine granules however SilkBalance is compatible with bromine as well as alternative sanitizers such as bleach (sodium or potassium hypochlorite) and peroxide in water.

  • How easy is the weekly maintenance with SilkBalance?

    Once your water levels are balanced, SilkBalance acts as a buffer and conditioner to give you the best experience, making your water silky smooth, eliminating odors and making maintenance easy. You can eliminate the need for many common commodity chemicals. Simply pour SilkBalance in your hot tub once a week and maintain sanitizer levels between 3-5 ppm.

  • What is SilkBalance?

    SilkBalance is the only water care system developed and tested with real science that allows hot tub owners to enjoy silky, soft sensations along with balanced pH and alkalinity. The patented formula helps your sanitizers work better, eliminates the need for more than a dozen common commodity products, neutralizes odors and protects spa parts.

  • Is it possible to use too much SilkBalance?

    You only need 3-4 ounces of SilkBalance per week. Adding more will not boost your results.

  • How can I contact SilkBalance for water care questions?

    Fill out the Contact Us form HERE

  • What are some of the main SilkBalance benefits?

    SilkBalance leaves your water feeling silky and soft. It maintains crystal clear and odor free water while protecting spa equipment and making water care simple.

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