I’ve owned my spa for over eight years. For six of them, I was dipping, testing, measuring and pouring a plethora of other chemicals, to find no balance, over-chemical-ed, or under-chemical-ed water, then I would “lose” the water to some algae or other cloudy amoeba for a few days that I wasn’t able to check my water. I wasn’t always able to bring it back (by shock or other unsafe chemical dose attempts) which then required emptying and refilling and sanitizing the filters because of “God-knows-what” germ infested my spa… then… (smell-good-chimes-sound), I was introduced to SilkBalance by my favorite spa folks. They weathered the bad-water storm with me for those six years, only to happily suggest I change over. I was on-board in a second. ANYTHING to get my water under control. I’m a heavy-heavy spa user and was spending a fortune in chemicals to maintain it. SilkBalance solved EVERYTHING and my chemical price went to less than $50 a month! I smell good, my water is crystal clear, and I couldn’t be happier!