We have had hot tubs for the last 19 years and we always felt like we had to take a shower after to wash off the chlorine from the tub. When I was in your Issaquah branch this last spring, picking up supplies,your sales rep, Jon Hutter, told me about this new product called Silk Balance. He said that it will leave your skin soft, and the need for a post soak shower can be eliminated because there is no lingering chlorine smell. So I took some information and told him I would go home and speak with my husband and do some research on line. After doing the research, we decided to order some from the store. Jon was very helpful with all the specifics that we would have to do with the tub to get it ready for using Silk balance. We have been using Silk Balance for 9 months and absolutely LOVE this product! It does exactly what Jon told us it would do. No more post soak showers. Our skin feels so soft and chlorine free. The water says clean and clear. This product has changed how we enjoy our hot tub. Instead of just using our tub 1-2 times/week, we are now in it 4-6x/week. Thank you for encouraging us to switch to Silk Balance! We love this product! Thank you, Clint and Lori Combs 4376 150th Ave SE Bellevue, WA. 98006 Lac80@msn,com Model: Hot Springs Jet Setter model J