Our hot tub provided some of our best ‘family time’. However, both my wife and my daughter started developing painful rashes and dry itchy skin following the hot tub. I tried many different chlorine schedules and doses, nothing worked. Both of them quit coming in the tub, they claimed that even a shower didn’t prevent the itching. SILKBALANCE to the rescue. We now can, and do, use the hot tub; without the rashes. I am actually very happy to not have the chlorine smell on our skin as well. We use the spa 3-5 time per week in the winter. As an aside, the ability to remove bio-films is miraculous, even after a thorough pre-bio-film cleaning (with Clean Start). About one month into our SilkBalance program we had a second biofilm release. To see what came out of our 6 year old spa was very shocking. It makes me leery to ever use someone’s spa that is not running on the SilkBalance program.