We recently purchased our first spa and SilkBalance last spring and we couldn’t be happier! I always loved the relaxing feeling of being in a Spa but I never cared for the way my skin would feel and smell after being in the Spa. I also thought that owning a Spa would be time consuming because I would have to get all the chemicals balanced “just right”. The salespeople at Hot Spring Spa of Dayton assured me that if I used SilkBalance, not only would my water smell fresh and clean but my skin would feel great! They also said that with SilkBalance I would be spending very little time on maintenance. I’m so HAPPY I decided to go with the SilkBalance! My spa has been crystal clear and the water feels and smells great! I can’t believe how easy it is to take care of! We all have dry skin in our family and we all feel that our skin actually feels softer after being in the spa, thanks to SilkBalance! I would have purchased a spa a long time ago if I knew about SilkBalance!