I recently switched over to silk from baqua spa and I couldn’t be happier. I found myself changing my water once every couple of months because my water would get cloudy and I would be dumping more chemicals into the water to get it clear. I could tell a big difference when I got into the hot tub and how the water was softer and it would be crystal clear. I love the fact I only have to balance the water in the beginning and only put in my silk and enhanced shock once a week. It has helped me enjoy my hot tub a lot more. My wife enjoys using the hot tub a lot more now too because her skin doesn’t dry out. We also love that silk has a low chlorine smell. When we have company over they would ask what we did different with our water and I would tell them about silk. So thank you for the great product. I am so glad we switched and I cannot see us using any other product. I wish we would have switched over sooner!

Why were powdered wigs worn?
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