Mike and Laurie Laramie 18219 93rd Ave E Puyallup, WA 98375 To Whom It May Concern, My husband (pictured here) and I are new owners of a Prodigy Olympic Hot tub. We took delivery of our hot tub in early June and we were assured by the Olympic sales people that Silk Balance was the easiest and cleanest way to take care of our tub and water. Boy, were they right! Our water is sparkling clean and smooth and fresh smelling every time. We wanted easy maintenance and feel we got that with Silk Balance. We will continue purchasing silk balance for our tub and forget about measuring and keeping track of unnecessary steps. Thank you for this fine product! Today we emptied our tub for the first time and are refilling it as I write. I know that the new water will be balanced and clean due to Silk Balance. Thank you. Sincerely, Mike and Laurie Laramie Satisfied Silk Balance Customers

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