When on vacation and the hotel or resort had a hot tub, we would take the plunge and enjoy the hot water and how soothing it was. But in the majority of the time we would walk away with dry and wrinkled skin, smelling of chlorine, and in need of taking a post shower to get rid of the smell. Many of our friends enjoy the pleasure of their own private hot tub so we decided to take the plunge and buy one for ourselves. When doing the research of the many local suppliers, we came across a Baker Pool, who highly recommended Silk Balance as part of their recommended water treatment. We purchased the hot tub from them and after two months of closely following the water treatment regimen that includes the use of Silk Balance, we are delighted with our experience of no chlorine smells, no wrinkled skin and how soft our skin feels, during and after a dip in the hot tub. We have never experienced this in other tubs. We can take a late night dip and not have to shower before going to bed. Our swim suits and towels never smell of chlorine and out skins feels so soft. We are definitely pleased with the way Silk Balance works in our hot tub. Jim and Donna Kirkwood, Mo.