We are currently renting a home with a hot tub and the landlord suggested we go to Pool World in Spokane Valley to get advice on how to get started. Our next door neighbor suggested we think about trying SilkBalance as he was very happy with the product. When we arrived at Pool World we were met by an extremely helpful employee named Lance Strasser who did a phenomenal job answering our questions and giving us details about the different options available for hot tub chemicals and treatments. We specifically asked about SilkBalance since our neighbor recommended it and Lance began to explain the process of converting the tub to the product and that he had personally had a great experience with using it in his own hot tub since his wife is very sensitive to most normal hot tub chemicals. Our youngest son has issues with eczema so we were hopeful the switch to SilkBalance would help his skin. We followed Lance’s expert advice and had no problems draining and flushing the system to get started. After adjusting the PH levels over the first couple weeks we have had zero issues and are happy to report how easy the product is to use and we have found that every claim the company makes about the product has been verified with our first-hand experience. Our son uses the hot tub daily and after 2 weeks his eczema disappeared and we are thrilled with the crystal clear, clean, fresh-smelling water and how our skin feels so much better after taking a soak in the tub. Our ONLY complaint would be it does seem a little expensive but we understand many times you have to pay a little more for great results. Many thanks to Lance at Pool World for his advice and help getting us started. Thanks for making a great product and please let us know about any more promotional opportunities or ways to enjoy SilkBalance at a discounted price.

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