hot springs hot tub! Sil balance is an amazing product that keeps your water soft and SILKY, not like cheap spas or hotels with smells of chlorine and dry skin when u exit. It’s also amazing at helping keeping your water clean, clear, n easy to keep all your levels of water stabile. You only need a small AMT once a week. We own a hot springs Grandee for wife’s medical condition and would never of knownthe benefits of this awesome product w/ o the helpful staff and we only need 4 ounces per week which comes in a beautifully designed bottle that has easy measurements on the cap of the bottle so u put the correct amt of this liquid gold for any hot tub owner. Simply add it once a week and run your tub for 10 mins. U can even use it while is stirring up! We love it and will be loyal customers of silk for as long as we own a hot tub. If u own a hot tub or are planning to buy one don’t hesitate to get this wonderful product immediately. Sincerely the ramberg family.