MJ Sanquist (Sammamish, Wash.)

I love SilkBalance in my spa

Hi, if it were not for SilkBalance in our hot tub, I most likely would not use the hot tub as often as I do. My favorite time to use the tub is right before bed. Without the use of SilkBalance my skin has been too dry and I had to lather a lot of lotion before bed in order to aliviate the dryness. SilkBalance leaves my skin soft and smooth. I do not feel the need to even use lotion once I get out of the tub. I sleep better after a soak at night and SilkBalance has given me even more reason to enjoy my tub both while in the tub and out of the tub. Thanks for such a fantastic product. It makes me happy!! Smoothly, softly and sincerely, MJ

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