SilkBalance I have had a hot tub for the past 10 years. I have enjoyed every bit of the hot tub experience except the chlorine and its residue smell. Because of my arthritis I was willing to endure the smell for the health value it brings me. My wife and my two daughters on the other hand can not stand the chlorine smell, chlorine residue, and the dryness the chlorine induce to their skin so they used the tub a fraction of the time. My wife and my two girls have sensitive skin and at times my skin gets so dry I have to stop using of the tub until my skin dryness improved. This past February I purchased a replacement tub at Pettis Pool and Spa in Rochester NY. When purchasing the tub the owner told me about Silk Balance. I tried and fell in love with it. Since purchasing SilkBalance , my wife and I use the tub at least four times a week. When my children come back home from college and work they are in the tub almost every night. Since using SilkBalance my wife and girls have no issue with their sensitive skin. We use our hot tub more often than ever because SilkBalance makes your skin feel smoother and rejuvenated after being in the tub even for a long time at 104degrees where I have the temperature set in the winter months. And there is no need to rinse off after using the tub. I am so excite using this new product. Its the best thing that could ever happen to my hot tub!!! Sincerely, Lou Thyroff and Family