Benefits of SilkBalance

With SilkBalance in your spa, your water will feel softer, smell better, look clearer, last longer and remain balanced so you can spend more time enjoying your backyard oasis – and it’s environmentally friendly. Have a specific question about your spa water?
  • Counteracting why my skin is dry or itchy
  • Softening the water for a more enjoyable bathing experience
  • Minimizing the harsh chemical smell of sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine
  • Neutralizing cloudy water
  • Avoiding maintenance that can otherwise become confusing or laborious
  • Preventing pH spikes
  • Eliminating the need for excessive chemicals
  • Balancing the Alkalinity level
  • Preventing/lessoning harsh chemical effects on your skin, water & components
  • Helping your spa water last longer, decreasing repeated drain and refills
  • Cutting back on excessive foaming
  • Conditioning the water no matter what sanitizer you use (salt, chlorine, bromine, etc.)

Have questions about water care?

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