Learn Why Everyone Falls in Love with SilkBalance

 SilkBalance for Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Water Care You Can Trust

SilkBalance is the only water care system developed and tested with real science that allows hot tub owners to enjoy silky, soft sensations along with balanced pH and alkalinity. The patented formula helps your sanitizers work better, eliminates the need for more than a dozen common commodity products, neutralizes odors and protects spa parts

Our commitment to you:

The SilkBalance patented formula was developed to give a safe natural alternative and dramatically reduce chemical usage in spas.


We promise to keep our formula 100% Biocide & Pesticide & Ammonia free – safe & gentle for your skin, you and your children


What SilkBalance Customers Say:

“I Love SilkBalance. It’s so gentle on my skin, smells great and so easy to balance. It’s made owning a spa so easy to maintain. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s worth every penny.” 💙💦

“This stuff is really good!!! I can’t emphasize that enough. It keeps the balance in the water, it makes the water “silky smooth” (as advertised) and general maintenance much easier. I tried using other products “recommended” by my local Pool supply place and they SUCKED! My spa got smelly 🤮 the water was cloudy and just a mess!!! After much cleaning and $$$ I finally got it back to new and added this stuff with shock of the same brand and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT” 💙💦

“Ok can’t believe the is isn’t like a standard. This stuff is liquid gold ! Keeps ph right where it was when added and no more skin itchy and rashing. I use my hot tub a lot and I can see people quit using it when they after having to shower before AND after and using lotion all over your body Or you itch all night long and have skin rashes .. After 1 week no more itching and skin is healing nicely YOU NEED THIS IF YOU HAVE A HOT TUB!” 💙💦

Why SilkBalance is the Gold Standard in Hot Tub Water Care:
  • SilkBalance is the most Trusted & Recognized hot tub water care available. Get Simple, Soft Balanced Spa Water that Protects your hot tub parts.
  • Once per week solution that works with all sanitizers

SilkBalance® WaterCare System – You deserve to enjoy the health & wellness benefits of your hot tub – the easy way

Susan Dolnik
Director of Sales and Marketing