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This promotion is valid between Oct. 1, 2019 and Dec. 15 2019 and is intended for the consumer only and may not be used with any other coupon or offer. This offer is product specific; substitutions will not be honored. Consumer must take receipt of the FREE SilkBalance Welcome to Water Care Kit at the time of purchasing a new hot tub or spa from a participating North American brick and mortar retailer and consumer must reside within the United States or Canada. Consumer must complete this online form to receive a code for a FREE bottle of SilkBalance Gems – redeemable at the same location where consumer purchased the hot tub or spa and received the SilkBalance Welcome to Water Care Kit. Limit one Welcome to Water Care Kit and one SilkBalance Gems bottle per household. Theft, diversion, reproduction, transfer, sale or purchase of this offer form is prohibited and will void promotion. Submissions from groups or organizations will not be honored or acknowledged. Names, e-mails and addresses may be verified. Use of fictitious names or addresses could result in federal or international claims of fraud. Offer void where restricted or prohibited by law. Silk Water Solutions Inc. and Silk Water Solutions (USA) Inc. are not responsible for late, lost, mutilated, illegible, misdirected or incomplete requests. Silk Water Solutions Inc. and Silk Water Solutions (USA) Inc. reserve the right to rescind this offer. This offer may not be reprinted without the express written consent of Silk Water Solutions Inc. and Silk Water Solutions (USA) Inc. Promotion good only in person at local, authorized, participating SilkBalance dealers – online purchases do not qualify for this promotion and no products will be shipped to the consumer.

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Customer Preferred, Science Approved. SilkBalance is the only Water Care Management System you can trust that is backed by more than a decade of real scientific research conducted by our very own lead chemist. We keep our promise to bring you the best water care so you can enjoy all the wellness benefits through water. SilkBalance has single-handedly changed the way hot tub owners deal with water care. Trusted, simple and scientifically proven – That is our promise to you. You deserve the very best in water care so you can enjoy all the health and wellness benefits of your hot tub. That’s the SilkBalance promise. “Customer preferred, Science approved” SilkBalance is the only water care system developed and tested with real science that allows hot tub owners to enjoy silky, soft sensations, balanced pH and alkalinity. You will use less harsh chemicals and your sanitizer will work better. SilkBalance eliminates odors and makes maintenance easy. We are the only water care company with a full-time lead chemist who is committed to giving you the BEST products that are developed, tested and proved with real science at our North American test center. That’s the SilkBalance difference. Everyone is switching to SilkBalance because it’s the only Original Water Care System you need for your spa or hot tub. With decades of experience and our advanced, patented formula, you know you are getting quality, tested products you can trust. At SilkBalance, we pride ourselves on keeping our promise to our customers! Thank you for sharing your experiences! Happy Hot-Tubbing! Clean Start is the most effective and powerful way to clean your hot tub plumbing lines. Pre-measured and simple – just one bottle and 30 minutes. No fuss, measuring, creams or gels. Clean Start removes the sludge and gunk that the others leave behind (yuck) in one small bottle. There is nothing more POWERFUL than Clean Start by SilkBalance AND it is non-corrosive and NOT harmful on your hot tub plumbing lines or parts. Our innovative proprietary formula is unmatched. One bottle is all you need for a total hot tub detox and it’s safe to use at every drain and refill. SilkBalance is a patented, advanced, premium formula that gives you amazing water without the hassle. Nothing can compare and that’s why we are the only Water Care system you can trust. It’s all about the water in your hot tub! Without luxuriously clear & soft pH balanced water, you won’t get all the amazing health benefits of soaking in your hot tub. SilkBalance gives you all that in one simple step in a product you can trust. Check out our videos and learn all about why the only choice for your spa water management is SilkBalance. Every spa/hot tub owner deserves silky soft, balanced, crystal clear water that is simple to maintain. It does not get any easier than SilkBalance. You can trust our advanced patented formula. Visit your authorized SilkBalance retailer today.

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