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Our SilkBalance Ambassadors love everything about simple water care and owning a hot tub. They love how fun, simple, and rewarding a low maintenance hot tub routine can be. We love to hear our ambassador stories and learning how SilkBalance has changed their hot tub experience. Are you a new spa owner, a health and wellness guru, a dog lover, a family that connects by spending time together in your hot tub, a sports junkie, a weekend warrior, or someone who just loves a good soak in the spa? Share your experience with SilkBalance and join our community today!

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What do our ambassadors like about SilkBalance? They like their luxuriously simple spa experiences for many reasons: the way they feel while taking a dip in their spa, how the water stays balanced and crystal clear, the ease of use, and the elimination of excess chemicals and chemical smells. Meet some of our ambassadors and hear what they have to say about SilkBalance!

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First time customers who have purchased SilkBalance this year can receive a complimentary 38-ounce bottle from their participating retailer in exchange for a photo and testimonial. Submit a photo showing SilkBalance and you (or a relative – one bottle per family) in or near your spa. Also Like us on Facebook.